Dedicated to victims of sedentary work.

������In Soviet times there was industrial gymnastics. Perhaps it still exists in some places, but not in offices, unless, of course, the authorities give it permission. Therefore, the victims of sedentary work get out. Who comes to work with a gymnastic mat, instead of eating full-fledged food at lunchtime to enjoy the joy of meditation, someone comes up with non-existent assignments to stretch their legs once more, walking along the floors, someone, following someone's recommendations, rotates furiously eyes and sits as if swallowed arshin.
These tricks of the office clerk help a little. Fans of yoga suffer from gastritis, forgetting about a full meal. Lovers of walking through the floors earn a nervous breakdown due to fear of inadvertently running into their boss. Spellcaster monitors, always sitting with a straight back, leave the workplace, not even able to bend a little stiff spine, and suffer from eye diseases no less than those who thought at work exclusively about work.
Note to all employers: if you want your employees at work to think exclusively about it, beloved, and not spend time on the �blood dispersal� exercises, find strength - rent a pool with free subscriptions or a hall for fitness Do not go to extremes; from a fitness visit, do not do a daily corporate event, to which all employees must attend. Exercises that are performed under the lash do not bring either relief or joy, and they do not raise the notorious corporate spirit.
Note to all employees: before you follow all the numerous tips that are devoted to exercises in the workplace, consult with a physical therapy doctor about their harm or benefit for you personally.

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