Diet Xenia Borodina: losing weight in a week

TV hostess Xenia Borodina lost weight. As a result, myths about the methods she used appeared in the network, including the cucumber diet. We will understand what constitutes a diet and the menu of Ksenia Borodina: losing weight in a week.

According to available information, the TV presenter followed a diet and devoted much time to the sport, as a result of which body weight returned to normal. The main thing is that it took more time than one week. Now with the celebrity associated several ways to lose weight:

  • The food program developed by Leovit.
  • Method of weight loss according to the book written by Borodina.

After the release, the book presenter enjoyed great demand. The edition was sold in many stores, but it disappointed many buyers, because instead of a weight loss system, it described only recommendations.

The councils collected in the book can not be called a Borodin diet. It tells about nutrition, psychology and sports.The book describes surgical methods of weight loss and provides tips on choosing clothes for people who suffer from obesity. It covers diets that Xenia did not use.

On the Internet, rumors spread that Borodina invented a diet that helps get rid of excess weight for a week. But “Lose Weight in a Week” is not a secret diet, but the name of dietary products manufactured by Leovit. TV presenter did not develop it, and advertises. For this reason, the photo of Borodina is on the package.

The company Leovit produces dietary meals in small bags and large packs designed for a week, so the meal plan got this name. At the same time, no one claims that in such a short period of time it will be possible to lose weight.

The products advertised by Borodin have advantages. Among them:

  1. Convenience. No need to cook and count calories.
  2. Save time. Each package contains products of high-speed cooking.
  3. Products can be taken to work or travel.

People who expect to find in a package with a photo of Borodina a set of products that burn fat are mistaken.“Lose weight in a week” is a food characterized by a low energy value, which is recommended to be consumed with a low-calorie diet. Such dishes, if desired, can be prepared at home.

Leovit products are common in Russia. People who tried the nutritional program in practice were satisfied. It is no wonder, after all at such nutrition weight of advantages:

  • Low calorie and pleasant taste.
  • Easy to use.
  • A varied menu.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Long shelf life.

According to nutritionists, this nutritional program is good for body shape and health. But there are also negative reviews, but they are left by people who did not realize that this is just a collection of products. At the same time, they consider several dropped kilograms an unsatisfactory result.

Video description of the diet

Borodina is a TV presenter, not a nutritionist. In the invention of weight loss systems, she did not participate, and she reduced her weight thanks to sport, a low-calorie diet, and dietitian advice. The book is a collection of ways to lose weight.

Menu diet Ksenia Borodina

Great Salad for weight loss

Continuing the topic of conversation, let us analyze the menu of Ksenia Borodina’s diet in detail.I think many people wonder what a celebrity ate throughout the day to get results.

The product list is simple, but this is proof that even with simple things you can achieve results. The main thing is to work on yourself and to get the most out of the action.

  1. Breakfast. Before breakfast, be sure to drink a glass of cool water. As a result, the body will begin to waste energy on heating the fluid, which will help burn some calories. Then eat a few cucumbers and a slice of bread.
  2. . For lunch, the choice of products is more extensive. Make a salad of greens and cucumbers or cook vegetable soup. Only without potatoes - it is high-calorie. Several times a week pamper yourself with boiled chicken.
  3. . Looks like breakfast. Limit yourself to a few fresh cucumbers and a portion of dietary salad. It is not recommended to overload the body before bedtime.
  4. . During the day, drink at least two liters of water and eat five cucumbers. Remember, the duration of the diet beard is two weeks. During this period of time, the celebrity lost twelve kilograms.
  5. Vitamins. This is not about additional products rich in vitamins, but about vitamin complexes that are sold in a pharmacy.Daily enemas will help to diversify the method of weight loss.
  6. Cucumbers. Grown in a greenhouse cucumbers are less useful than collected from the garden. The composition of greenhouse is less potassium, nutrients and nutrients, and vegetables from the garden are saturated with fiber and tastier. It is not recommended to use the first crop of cucumbers, as they contain a lot of nitrates and chemicals.
  7. Duration. Feature of the diet Borodina - the duration of two weeks. Otherwise, the body adapts to a small amount of calories and poorly burns fat. If you like the diet, start again a fortnight after the first approach.
  8. After diet. It is recommended to abandon the sweet, flour and fatty foods or reduce their use to a minimum. Do not eat after 19.00, otherwise a failure in metabolism will not take long.

Diet beard - a hard method of losing weight. It is suitable for people who want to urgently get rid of extra pounds. If you are sure that this diet is suitable, act.

How thin Ksenia Borodina

Photo centimeter and forks

The technique, which Xenia Borodina used to lose weight, is shrouded in mysteries from all sides.Celebrity has repeatedly told reporters about the diet, and the media put forward suggestions on this matter. The Internet is full of comments from a family friend who did not want to give a name. Therefore, I will tell you how the TV presenter has lost weight, having examined the diet from several angles.

Ksenia Borodina is a TV presenter, a socialite and guest of Moscow's advanced events. Sadly, however, well-known people face difficulties, and Borodin is no exception. Her problem was reduced to the fight with obesity. Xenia tried popular methods of losing weight. Thanks to hard work on the body, she kept the weight within the permissible limits, but after the birth of the child the problem prevailed.

Before we dive into the details of Borodina’s slimming technique, let's imagine how she felt when she was under the sight of cameras, gaining fifteen kilograms. She could not wait until her metabolism normalized, and proceeded to action.

  • According to one version, the TV presenter took advantage of a diet developed by nutritionists from the United States for weight loss. Calorie unique diet - 400 kcal per day.It provides for the consumption of vegetable products, because the coarse fiber contained in them prevents the appearance of hungry fainting.
  • Ksenia Borodina was having breakfast with three fresh cucumbers and a couple of rye crackers. Wash down with mineral water or black tea without sugar. For lunch, ate vegetable soup of green vegetables. These are olives, cabbage and lettuce, cucumbers, sorrel and green peppers. Dined green salad, seasoned with olive oil.
  • Due to fiber, these products inhibit the feeling of hunger and saturate the body with useful microelements and vitamins. At the same time, four hundred kilocalories is not enough to cover the minimum daily requirement of the body, which is more than doubled. It is about breathing, heartbeat, regeneration and synthesis.
  • Around Borodino's diet there are many gossips, secrets and secrets. According to sources, Borodina lost weight, listening to the advice of Ksenia Sobchak. Her technique is reduced to the rejection of high-calorie and sweet foods and supplemented with daily evening enemas. According to doctors, frequent enemas have a bad effect on the intestinal microflora, but contribute to weight loss.

Now you have an idea how Ksenia Borodina achieved the result.

Celebrity claims to lose weight without physical exertion. There is no time for sport, but achieved results with the help of a rigid chlorophyll diet.

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I hope you learned something new and useful.

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