DIY Halloween Decoration

Decorating a house on Halloween is a fascinating and to some extent even a magical process by which we allow otherworldly forces to enter our normal world. To do this, use different items that have a slightly ominous shade.

Today, various attributes of the holiday can be purchased in stores. But it’s quite possible to make a decoration for Halloween with your own hands, taking as a basis what will be at hand at the moment.

Halloween decoration with your own hands

Halloween decoration with your own hands

For example, from small ping-pong balls or any other round objects you can make an interesting composition that will decorate any room. Sometimes in the needle shop you can find balls of foam. What you need to do this:

  • the balls themselves;
  • fairly long sticks (you can use cocktail tubes or wooden skewers for kebabs);
  • sponge or a piece of thick foam rubber (it is convenient to use a floral sponge,which is used in the design of floral arrangements;
  • a pot for flowers or any other container (for example, a plastic food container or a small basket for small items);
  • paints and brushes; li>
  • red wrapping paper.

First of all, we put a wand into each ball. Then we paint our balls white, that is, we ground them. This should be done for white balls, otherwise the rest of the picture will look unnatural on them. When the white paint dries, cover the top with purple, draw a black peephole. From the purple let down a few convoluted red lines - capillaries. The base is ready.

Fold up a piece of red wrapping paper in several layers, put it on the bottom of the wand.

You get your eyes!

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