Wooden decorations on the Christmas tree do it yourself

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To make your own wooden decorations, you will need:

  • Printed photos on a laser printer;
  • Wooden wheels;
  • PVA glue;
  • Drill;
  • Red ribbon;
  • Small brush;
  • Rag;

How to make a decoration on the tree with your own hands:

First, make sure that the wooden discs are completely dry. We did this by putting them in the oven for a few hours at 200 degrees.

Cut out your photo so that its size matches a wooden disc. Cover the photo with PVA glue and place it on the disk with the front part. Make sure there are no air bubbles left and leave it overnight.

The next morning, use a damp cloth to wet the photo, rub in very carefully, until the paper starts to rip off - and you start to see the image on the tree! Keep doing this until you get rid of all the paper, but be careful - if you rub too hard, the image may come off.

After the paper is completely removed, give it time to dry, then apply a thin layer of PVA glue to protect the image.

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