Doggy Toy Bag

Our little girls really like to look like adults. And for this they just need such an accessory as a handbag. And so that it was not boring, I will tell you how to make it in the form of a soft toy - a poodle. It will not just be a place where you can put some items, but with it your child will not be bored waiting for the mother and having her favorite little things at hand. To make a toy bag in the shape of a dog, we need: - Fleece or any fabric for a bag; - Lining fabric; - A bit of fur to create an image; A little bit of any filler (sintepona or holofayber); - Button for nose; - Two eyes; - Clay; - Threads, needles, sewing machine; - Snake zipper.
To make bags
1. Cut the pattern of the dog along the lines as in the photo. This is done so that there are seams on all the details that need to be filled with holofiber.
Cut the doggie pattern
2. Lay out the patterns on the main fabric, fasten them with safety pins for convenience.
lay out pattern
3. Cut off the contour, leaving allowances for seams 0.5 cm.  Trim the Contour
4. Brush your ears face to face or pin with pins. Also fasten the frontal part of the dog's face.
Brush your ears with your face
5. Stitch on the typewriter. Attach thin paper so that the knit does not move and it is easy to sew.
Stitch on typewriter
6. Pin the legs to the body. Put the parts facing each other.
secure with pins legs
7. Sew the parts on a typewriter. You can use paper for the substrate. Needles need not be removed. The main thing is to pin them perpendicular to the intended seam. Then the machine freely stitch, and they will enter between the line.
Sew parts on a typewriter
8. Put the top of the dog together and sew it on both sides as shown in the photo.
Put the upper parts together
9. Insert the prepared handle for the bag on the stitched sides. It can be made of the same fabric as the dog.
Attach inside
10. Sweep the edges for sewing on the snake.
Sweep edges
11. Secure the snake with pins.
Secure the snake with pins
12. Attach it.
13. Combine the lower parts of the doggie and attach to each other.
 Align the lower parts of the dog
14. Sweep the dog around all the contours.
Sweep dog
15. The upper face of the doggie bag is ready. Now we have to fill the legs and face with padding polyester, so that it acquires the appearance of a soft toy.
Upper front part
16. We fill details with a synthetic winterizer.To ensure that it does not fall out during use and washing, we fix it with threads. For this we just need the seams on these details. You can put a small piece of cloth on the holes and then sew at the seams.
We fill the details with a sintepon
17. Now proceed to the design of the image. After all, we will have a poodle. Therefore, we cut small strips: - for legs and tail, around the perimeter equal to the legs and tail; - one part for the head, so that it covers the place of sewing the ears; - and two parts for the bottom of the ears.
get down to the image
18. We sew parts for tail and head from one side.
proceed to the design of the image
19. Sew our ears to the head. Glue the prepared fur parts to the dog.
proceed to the design of the image
20. Now cut out the two details for the lining. In size, they coincide with the details of the top and bottom of the bag without the head and legs.
two parts for the lining
21. From the inside we sew any stitch to the snake.
 sew with any stitch to the snake
22. We glue our eyes and nose.
Bag toy dog
23. Bag-toy dog ​​is ready! She turned out to be very cute and my granddaughter gladly carries her everywhere.
Bag toy dog
 Bag toy dog ​​

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