Doing custom things with your own hands quickly and inexpensively

In our age of information technology, it would seem that making a gift, a souvenir, an interior item with your own hands seems such an extraordinary task that some people react to this with great surprise. Even in spite of the fact that not everyone has creative abilities, they can be easily developed with the help of various tools. Of course, you can buy and decorate even welding masks by reference. However, it is best to use the simplest available tools and ideas.

You can, for example, create many interesting items:

  1. Vanguard panel on the wall,
  2. The original candlestick;
  3. Creative photo frame.

Avant-garde panel on the wall

The recipe is simple: you need to buy in the art store a primed canvas of any size, a couple of sets of paints (watercolor, oil, acrylic, etc.), brushes. Think of a drawing in the style of famous artists (it can be different squares, circles, triangles, lines, spirals, etc.).It remains a beautiful and unusual design first, in a pencil sketch, and then paint as you please. Undoubtedly, it will be very avant-garde.

Original candlestick

To create a candlestick, you will need several basic items: a glass jar (preferably a small volume), design tools (paint, paper, cardboard, cloth tapes, clay, chalk), a couple of candles of any shape and color, glue. Not to do without imagination and the developed motility of hands. The result will be unexpected, from this and very surprising - both for the author of the work and for the one who will get this souvenir.

Creative Photo Frame

The photoframe of own production will not demand big efforts. It is enough to get a usual wooden photo frame and to give free rein to imagination. Various stickers, household items (buttons, small magnets, small office supplies), plant leaves, flowers - all this is enough to tie or glue to the frame to get a beautiful and creative gift made by yourself.

The idea for products is not so difficult to come up with. Such a souvenir will certainly appeal to any person, and you will get experience and pleasure from the process itself. Dare!

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