"Dress lady": Rudkovskaya boasted outfit

Would you wear this?

Yana Rudkovskaya is a famous lover of designer clothes. Sometimes her images look very strange, but they cost a lot of money. For the next social event, she chose an outfit from Lebanese designer George Hobeik. Subscribers immediately dubbed him the "dress of the modern lady".

Yana Rudkovskaya
Photo: @rudkovskayaofficial

The fluffy skirt of soft peach color, consisting of many tiers of flounces, and a short jacket, embroidered with sparkling flowers, really evoke such associations. However, this toilet even reminded someone of the national Kazakh dress. In general, the followers of Yana approved the image. Although some and it seemed that the jacket looks too heavy for such a bottom.

“Jacket and skirt from different operas, each thing is too intense in itself and requires a quieter pair, all together - an ugly bust,” wrote a secular diva in the comments. However, this is the designer's idea: he presented such a kit at the autumn show.

But subscribers Rudkovskaya's hairstyle was criticized to the nines, agreeing that Yana should take her hair up. Yes, the work of the hairdresser is really invisible here: any girl will build such a set in five minutes.

The fans expressed the hope that Yana showed only a preparatory stage in her microblogging, and she would “do something with her head” for the event itself. Although, I think, everyone will pay attention only to the original outfit of a star producer, and in such an ensemble she may not care at all about styling.

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