Early signs of pregnancy

A pregnant woman can feel the changes in her condition only from the second week - when the hormonal background starts to change rapidly in her body. Until then, it is almost impossible to diagnose a pregnancy by yourself. The most common early sign of the emergence of a new life is morning nausea, which appears in the first month of pregnancy - however, it does not bother all women, so its absence is not an indicator.
Also, a change in eating habits or a decrease / increase in appetite may indicate a new pregnancy. A woman can feel the urge to eat certain foods (spicy, salty, beer, and even chalk), reduce her diet to a minimum, or vice versa - empty the refrigerator at lightning speed. In addition, a very aggravated scent is an early sign of pregnancy - many women are beginning to not tolerate the smells of cosmetics, perfumery, cigarettes, and so on.
Early pregnancy can be characterized by frequent urination, as the enlarged uterus begins to put pressure on the bladder. Also, women note the swelling of the mammary glands - the breast increases, becomes sensitive to the slightest touch, pigmentation of the nipple may also be noted. Often, an early sign of pregnancy is weakness and drowsiness that appear in the evening, as well as mood swings - the appearance of irritability, sentimentality, gaiety, and so on.
Virtually one hundred percent sign of conception is the absence of menstruation - but in some cases it continues to go, finally confusing women. You can also determine pregnancy by increasing the basal temperature - provided that it is measured not after sex, not after a nervous over-stimulation and without inflammatory processes in the body. Therefore, if the thermometer’s column has crawled upwards, it is necessary to at least make a pregnancy test to confirm or deny its presence. Finally, an increase in salivation may be considered an early sign, but this symptom is not characteristic of all women.

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