Easter Bunny of Hearts

Easter Bunny of Heartsis a cute, cute and big-eared bunny with its own hands from two hearts, everything is simple and fast, and children will definitely like it.

Materials and tools:

  1. fabric;
  2. filler;
  3. paper, pencil;
  4. scissors, thread, needles.

Step 1

Let's draw on paper a big heart (template), cut it out. From the fabric we will cut out 4 such hearts (blanks). Let us sew 2 hearts: take 2 hearts-blanks, fold them together with the wrong side out and sew on a typewriter, leaving an opening for turning out; turn out, fill the heart with filler and sew up the hole. Repeating these steps, we will make a second heart.

Let us knock down the hearts perpendicular to each other (see figure).

From the same fabric, we cut out 4 blanks for the ears. We make ears from blanks and sew them to a hare (see figure).

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