Edged board: production, varieties, dignity

Lumber - well-known, demanded in construction and furniture manufacturing products. Ecological safety and indicative external characteristics - that is the explanation. One of the most popular items in this category is.

The mentioned species of sawmill products is universal, that is, the range of use is not limited to several areas. What are good boards from natural wood? Read on about this and its scope.

Manufacturing features

The basis for the production of edged boards are logs. During the manufacture of raw materials are cut as needed, and then sawn at the edges. The finished product is devoid of edges and bark. What kind of logs are used? Soft, coniferous, hard woods. The most common:

  • oak;
  • Aspen;
  • birch;
  • pine;
  • beech

The buyer acquires the board, processed from all four sides. She is ready for targeted use. However, before use, it is reasonable to carry out the treatment with special formulations. Substances after application form a protective barrier that does not allow moisture and insects to have a negative effect.

Grades and Applications

In any construction process, you can use the edging board. The material is suitable for internal and external work. The standard dimensions of the boards make it easy for specialists to create and implement projects. Traditional widths vary between 2–5 mm and lengths of 4.6–6 m. A smooth surface and identity allow the construction of structures with minimal joining seams. The density of the connection can be called indicative, which is very important when finishing, creating partitions and laying the floor.

A chic decor is cut out of the material, which is appropriate inside and outside the room.

Are there any sorts of choice board? Of course, since the producers use wood with different quality characteristics. List of varieties:

  1. Select.
  2. First.
  3. Second.
  4. Third.
  5. Fourth

The demonstration board of the highest quality is applicable in car and shipbuilding. Sometimes in these areas use 1 grade of cut wood. It also acts as a raw material for the production of premium furniture. Second-class products reduce the cost of interior items. Lower class materials are in demand in the construction and furniture industry, and the most cost-effective are raw materials for packaging and packaging.

When choosing sawmill products pay attention not only to the variety, but also to the level of humidity. The edging board can be dry and moist. The latter is considered in cases where the humidity level exceeds 23%. There is also a crude antiseptic analogue that does not require special treatment.

Undeniable "trumps"

Whatever the boards of natural wood, they have the following advantages:

  • harmless to humans;
  • democratic value
  • simple operation
  • high reliability;
  • compactness during shipping and storage.

It should be noted external respectability.Wood trim looks gorgeous and rich.Modern fashion experts welcome everything natural. You can say that sawnwood is a trend in construction. From the decoration of the boards blows comfort and positive energy. At any time in case of defects, as a result of mechanical impact, you can polish or restore.

There is nothing better than saunas from sawnwood! During a stay in such a steam room a person really becomes healthier, resting with his whole body and soul. As for the flaws, they were mentioned above. After using antiseptics, there is no trace of flaws.

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