Eggshell application for children

Crafts from eggshells with their own hands with great pleasure make both adults and children. The process of manufacturing is not much different from laying out a mosaic of pieces of marble or stained glass, so while working with an eggshell, everyone gets the opportunity to feel like a real master of stained glass.

Easter egg crafts are especially relevant because they can be crafted from the shells of eggs specially painted for Palm Sunday.

 Handmade eggshell for children

Under LCA of the eggshell for kids

If you do not practice this tradition, paint the shells of ordinary paint after sticking out - the result will be no less interesting. Be sure to come up with an unusual shape and idea for crafts - and the child will show incredible patience, flippantly folding it from tiny fragments of shells.

For example, you can use an unusual base - a transparent plastic plate.Details of crafts can be attached to it using a transparent polymer adhesive.



The first, central part will be the upper part (cap) from a yellow-colored or white testicle. Try to give it a round shape to bring to life the idea of ​​the picture.

 Round Shell

Round Shape Shell

This round shell needs stick on the very center of the plate. On the one hand, close to it, but slightly higher, glue the same round particle, but smaller diameter.

If we use white shells, we paint them with yellow paint (gouache or acrylic) using a thin brush. p>

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