Equipment for an apartment panel panel

New buildings are increasingly being equipped with separate switchboards for each apartment. In the houses built earlier, the panels were installed common, as a rule, on the floor. The significantly increased amount of household electrical appliances in apartments requires more serious protection and efficient distribution of electricity. This is the reason that when repairing the owners are increasingly being decided on electrical work, the purpose of which is to install their own apartment panel.

How to choose electrical equipment for the apartment?

By type of installation distinguish between open and hidden shields. And he and the other can be used to protect and distribute energy (group), and additionally include accounting functions of consumed energy (accounting-group). In the latter case, the shield will be equipped with a socket for installing an electricity meter.

Depending on the material used to make the case, metal and plastic electrical panels are produced.Plastic used in the installation of an open panel, electrical installation work hidden installation is best done when using electrical equipment with a metal case. It has a thin door that will allow the equipment to fit more closely to the wall of the apartment on which it is mounted and provide additional security and aesthetics.

Installation Process

Since electrical work is a hazardous type of work, you should entrust the implementation of the implementation of all operations to specialists with relevant specialized education, as well as skills and experience in electrical installation. The choice of specialists will be the main task that will be solved by the owner of the property.

The process itself consists of the following steps:

1. Choosing a place for installation. Most often, the installation of the electrical panel is carried out near the electrical input into the room, near the entrance door. The rules set the maximum distance from the floor - the installation height should be 1.5-1.6 meters. In addition, for fire safety purposes, access to the electrical panel should be free and convenient; it should not be restricted to doors or other structures. 2. Equipment preparation. Open flap to be fully assembled.In the closed should release the perforated holes for cable entry. Install tires for mounting the working wire and Din-rails for wiring protection circuit breakers. In the event that the equipment is of the type of registration-group, to install the meter. Mount and check all electrical connections. 3. Prepare a niche for installation. Since such work requires punching of walls, the installation of the switchboard should be carried out before the start of finishing work on the repair of the apartment. 4. Mandatory testing of the work of the apartment switchboard, analysis and evaluation of test results. After the completion of electrical installation work related to the equipment of the switchboard in the apartment for some time it is necessary to monitor the smooth operation of all electrical appliances and assess the level of loads. With a qualitatively performed wiring problems between residents and neighbors should not arise.

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