Facial rejuvenation through endoscopic lifting

Age changes - it is an inevitable phenomenon, which sooner or later each person faces. Over the years, fabrics lose strength and elasticity. As a result of these changes, folds and grooves appear in the nasolabial triangle, bags around the eyes, wrinkles on the forehead and near the mouth. Various methods are used to combat these problems.

Endoscopic face lift is a plastic surgery aimed at skin rejuvenation. Today, it is one of the most effective methods to combat aging. During the surgery, minor incisions are made, which subsequently heal quickly.

The main tool of the surgeon, in addition to the scalpel, is a miniature video camera. It allows you to coordinate all actions of the doctor. The incisions are no more than two centimeters in size and are localized in the mouth, above the forehead line or behind the ears.Through them, endoscopy of the middle zone, forehead, and eyebrows is carried out - the internal tissues are tightened and securely fixed, it is possible to use auxiliary brackets and plates. At the same time, vessels and nerves remain unharmed and completely retain their functions. Endoscopic lifting is suitable for quite young patients who need aesthetic correction of specific areas. That is, thanks to this method, you can get rid of not only the age changes, but also from some birth defects. Tightening is carried out in three areas: upper, middle and lower. The operation allows you to make a person ten years younger. The complex tightening is especially noticeable: deep furrows on the forehead disappear, wrinkles around the eyes, the look becomes more open, and the cheeks become voluminous. The operation is performed under general anesthesia. There are contraindications to it. Endoscopic lifting is not performed in the presence of diseases associated with metabolic processes, the circulatory system, oncology, infections and other troubles. The patient receives detailed information at the first consultation.It should be borne in mind that facial rejuvenation is carried out only after passing certain tests and passing studies. Complications are rare. Heavy smokers are at risk. The cost of the procedure depends on the technique and complexity of the operation. The price is announced after full-time consultation with the surgeon and determining the necessary procedures. In the future, it remains unchanged.

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