False eyelashes, how to use?

What kind of woman does not want to attract attention and captivate eyes in a frame? However, not every representative of the sophisticated sex is a happy owner of such a gift of nature.

Modern cosmetics will not give the result, which is possible from the use of false eyelashes. If used correctly, they do not have a significant difference from their own even on close examination. Artificial eyelashes, even the everyday image will make memorable.

This supplement is not suitable for every woman and has its own subtleties of application. To achieve the desired result, it is important to know how to choose and use artificial eyelashes.

How to choose false eyelashes?

Properly selected artificial eyelashes - a bright detail of the image of a woman.

The market offers a variety of false eyelashes. Trend sets and subspecies of artificial additions to the usual beauty of the eyes change with each season.Eyelashes are fluffy and elongated for everyday look or made of fur with miniature crystals, suitable for incendiary parties. It does not matter where and when you plan to use such an accessory in the make-up as false eyelashes. The assortment is wide, so choosing exactly those that suit you is not a problem.

With the help of false eyelashes, it is possible to come up creatively and fantastically to the style and image. Eyelashes are fluffy or sparse, the same size on one plate or different. There is also a bend, shade and design of artificial eyelashes. Thanks to them, it is possible in two accounts to reincarnate in a charming seductress or extravagant lady.2

As part of the makeup, eyelashes can visually change the size of the eye section or face shape. Let's admit, with them the face becomes a little bit wider, if to fix eyelashes to the top corner of an eye.

It is important color solution selected false eyelashes. When the color type of your style refers to the cold, in this case, black lashes look perfect. For owners of a warm bronze skin tone or copper curls fit brown shades.Eyelashes of bright and catchy colors, as well as decorated with rhinestones, will complement the evening or festive makeup.

How to use false eyelashes?

Applying false eyelashes at home with each time is faster and aesthetic.

For the first time, it's not easy to glue the plates of artificial eyelashes perfectly. But in the future you yourself will not notice how the hands will adjust and it will take less time and effort. This jewelry occupation will require the presence of adhesive, eyeliner and eyelash plates themselves.

Algorithm for sticking non-natural eyelashes:

  1. Cut the lash plate into three pieces. Bundles more comfortable to glue them. In order to make sure that the length of the unnatural cilia will suit you, attach them to the eye. If they seem long, trim them.
  2. Place eyelids before sticking artificial eyelashes. This is done with darker shadows or an eye pencil. Enough dim line near the roots of the eyelashes.
  3. Apply glue to the base of artificial eyelashes. It does not need a lot. Enough thin lines. Wait 10-15 seconds. It is not recommended to use the adhesive at once on the eyelids in order to avoid contact with the eyes mucous membrane!
  4. To stick eyelashes it is better not from an internal corner of eyelids, and from external.To make it more convenient, use tweezers for this. Apply the eyelashes to a thin line drawn in pencil to the roots of relatives. Non-natural eyelashes press to the eyelid, starting from the center. Hold them for 5-10 seconds with your fingers so that they press more tightly. Watch for symmetry. Eyelashes are glued at the same angle. Handle the glue carefully. You can not have it get on the mucous eyes.
  5. To give a non-natural eyelashes aesthetic look, draw a liner or a dark pencil at the base. This will also hide the shortcomings that sometimes arise in the process of gluing.
  6. Check the degree of fixation of the eyelash with a toothpick. Try to move them neatly. If they do not stick to the edges or if they are not very tight, apply a little adhesive on the eyelashes with a toothpick and press it down again on the eyelid.

False eyelashes, how to use?
If you made all the manipulations, and artificial eyelashes aesthetically unattractively stick out in different directions or differ in size, tweezers that are used for curling will help to correct the situation. Thanks to them, smooth out the line of artificial eyelashes.Slightly twisted with tweezers, eyelashes will make the look more expressive.

Make-up with false eyelashes

Applying makeup with artificial eyelashes, remember that in everything is a good golden mean.

The most important thing to remember when applying makeup with false eyelashes - do not overdo it. Thanks to thick and long eyelashes, eyes already have expressiveness. A thick layer of carcass in combination with artificial eyelashes looks theatrical, and the image will seem pretentious. Be careful to use dark or bright shades of shadows and lipstick. Makeup is good when the focus is on one thing. In the case of false eyelashes - these are eyes.

Makeup will be completed with the help of eyeliner immediately after gluing eyelashes. The line is thin. You need to draw it from the inner edge of the eye to the outer one. Eyeliner will make the eyelashes visually more natural.

It is necessary to apply mascara, observing one rule. Artificial cilia with a brush for mascara and a tablespoon is recommended to mix with your own. Convex part of the cutlery hold eyelashes, applying mascara. Thus, the style will become more expressive.

Finish applying makeup with unobtrusive shadows. Just remember that they should not be overly bright and defiant. It is better to choose calm pastel shades.

How to remove false eyelashes and care for them?

The lifespan of non-natural eyelashes depends on how you take them off and how you take care of them.

It is easy to remove artificial eyelashes. Sometimes it is enough to pull them slightly over the edge. When they are tightly adhered and are not removed without aids, then use a cream or make-up remover. Apply the mixture to the eyelid and hold for 2-5 minutes. When the glue softens, the eyelashes are removed easily.

If you are careful and careful with false eyelashes, they will last a long time. Sometimes the period of their use reaches two weeks.

Proper care implies thorough cleaning from the adhesive and cosmetics. After removing the false eyelashes, they are washed under warm water using soap. This will remove the mascara. Dirt and makeup residues are removed with an ordinary toothbrush. If after these manipulations the glue still remains, it is removed with tweezers.Artificial eyelashes must be dried.

Who are false eyelashes contraindicated?

Artificial eyelashes seem harmless, but in reality there are contraindications to their use.

Before purchasing false eyelashes, make sure that the use of such a supplement does not harm the health of the eye zone. If you suffer from allergic reactions to the adhesive or components in the composition of the eyelashes, then wear them is contraindicated.

It is worth noting that for women who daily use contact lenses, wearing false eyelashes causes discomfort. Eyes quickly tired of such a load. The same applies to women with a sensitive eye area.4

Artificial eyelashes become superfluous in the image, if the features of a woman's face are very large. This addition to the natural eyelashes will visually enlarge the eyes and facial contours, and the look will resemble a puppet.

The question of how much negative eyelashes affect the eyes is of concern to representatives of the subtle sex who want to emphasize the expressiveness of the look in this way. In fact, clear contraindications, if you are not allergic, no.

False eyelashes will not be harmful if you don’t wear them regularly. Adhesive has a negative effect on your own eyelashes. From frequent use of overhead, their eyelashes become thin and brittle. It is not recommended to go to bed without removing the false eyelashes.

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