Features of the celebration of New Year holidays in different countries of the world

So, what are the features of the New Year holidays in different countries of the world? Let's start with Italy. New Year starts here on January 6th. According to their ancient beliefs, the Fairy Befana, who opens all the doors with her golden key, flies this night on her magic broom. She penetrates the rooms where the kids sleep, and fills the specially left stockings with souvenirs and gifts. But only to those who have behaved well in the past year, but to the naughty girls, she presents some ash or embers as a gift. Italians take jewelry very seriously, so you will find bright lights in all the streets and houses, and artificial trees in the apartments. the real ones, as you understand, it’s not so easy to find in their latitudes.

In Ecuador, New Year's Eve is a string of dolls. This rite is called the weeping of widows; it is believed that in this way women mourn bad husbands.Interestingly, men who usually wear women's clothes and wear wigs are usually widows. Another funny tradition is Ecuador. It is considered there that those who wish to travel a lot in the new year should run around their homes with a bag or suitcase in their hands during the chiming clock. As decorations, Ecuadorians choose artificial trees for the same reason as Italians.

The Swiss New Year's tradition calls for the selection of Queen Lucia (Queen of the World). She is dressed in a beautiful white dress, and her head is decorated with a crown, on which lighted candles stand. Lucia traditionally brings presents to children, but she also does not disregard pets. So, for example, she presents cream to the cat, gives the dog a sugar bone, and the donkey treats carrots. Throughout the New Year's Eve in the houses and apartments do not turn off the lights, and also brightly lit and streets of cities and towns. Everywhere decorations, salutes, lights, merry laughter, New Year's lights and candles.

During the celebration of the New Year in South Africa, the police blocked the streets, no one uses transport.By the way, it is not safe to walk there, because from windows throw refrigerators. And in the capital of South Africa, a rather large piece of furniture can fly into the head. But in England, more and more traditional. Very stylish ornaments and reserved congratulations are accepted here. Adults organize small carnival processions with famous characters. Children play various performances based on old-fashioned fairy tales, receive treats and gifts, and also decorate Christmas trees and rooms with lanterns and hang Christmas garlands.

By the way, it was here, in England, that the tradition of exchanging greeting cards for the New Year arose. And the first such postcard was printed in 1843. in London. Before you go to bed, English children put an empty plate on the table.

Santa Claus should bring gifts there. On the arrival of the New Year notifies the bell. Only he begins to do it before midnight, but very quietly, but at exactly 12 they begin to call in full force. It is believed that lovers should certainly kiss at this moment under the branch of mistletoe, in this case, according to legends, they will not part in the coming year.

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