Folder for girls under certificate

When a child is born in a family, this is not true joy for the whole family. A little miracle brings joy, laughter and a warm atmosphere to every home. Every woman seems to be transformed when she wears a small miracle under her heart, this is true bliss and indescribable sensations. Basically, already at about the middle of the term, each expectant mother begins preparing for the appearance of her baby into the world: she buys him diapers, vests, hats, scratches, knits booties. There is a lot of pleasant worries and troubles in one word, the responsibility ahead is very big. But not only mother, but also her friends, close and distant relatives are preparing for the birth of a baby. It is necessary to invent and choose the godmother for the baby, as the godmother is for life, the second dear person after mother. She has a very responsible mission in life, for which she also needs to be prepared. The first thing that the godmother needs to do is to prepare a present for the future goddaughter, it is better that it is something necessary and very memorable, so that it will be postponed and preserved for many years.Here, for example, when a baby is born, she receives the first and most important document in her life, this is a birth certificate. And since the document is important and must be kept intact for the rest of its life, it must be kept in a cover that you can do with your own hands. It will be very interesting and fascinating, you will get real pleasure from manufacturing, and your future goddaughter will eventually receive as a gift from you the necessary accessory for your first document. You can make such an interesting cover for a certificate using the scrapbooking technique and you need to take advantage of this master class. To make a folder for a certificate you need to take: • Two blanks of 20 * 30 cm binding cardboard; • Children's paper for scrapbooking, sheets 30 * 30 cm; • White cardboard; • Sheet sintepon; • Pink fabric with a pattern of 100% cotton; • • Birth certificate chipboard;• Picture with a girl; • Cut a white napkin; • A circle cut out with a diameter of 9 cm; • Pink ribbon with pompoms; Knitted flower pink; • Buttons fabric pink polka dots; • Paper and fabric flowers pink and white colors; • Lace; • Plastic flowers; • A narrow satin ribbonpink color; • Bordyurny hole punch flower; • Repp letochka light pink with polka dots; • Cabochons are pink and maroon; • Office glue, PVA glue; • • Pencil, office clips , scissors, ruler; • Double-sided tape; • Office knife; • Glue gun.
 A folder for a girl under a certificate

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