Funny baby rattle

All children and even many adults love kinder surprises. And you know that plastic containers from toys can be turned into another funny toy - a rattle? I have always disliked plastic rattles, they are solid and not often even scratch at the joints of parts. Therefore, I came up with the eggs from the kinder surprise to make funny knitted birds - fatties, and now I will tell you how they are made. To make one bird - rattle you should have: - one container from a toy from Kinder. - Two small hanks of thread of different colors. - A few beads or small beads. - Scissors. - A needle with a thread. - A crochet hook. - A sintepuh for stuffing.
must be
We'll knit in Amigurumi technique, so first we make a special loop by affair.
 in the Amigurumi technique
Gather 5 loops on the loop without a nakid, connect them and tie them up in two columns without a nakid,in each lower loop.
 Dialing the loop
Making a small pancake of 4-5 rows, depending on the thickness of the thread. And now we start knitting without adding.
 Making a small pancake
After the third row without increments, start adding three additional columns to each row, spreading them evenly . Tie 4-5 rows in such a way, then knit again 2-3 rows without increments. In the next 2 rows, add 4 additional columns evenly. Next, knit 3-4 rows without additives and begin to narrow. First we reduce 4 loops from the row. After knitting two columns you can insert the container from the kinder with the beads inside. To do this, first, put some friable in the top part, so that the bird's head is soft.  without adding start adding
Inserting the container.
Inserting the container
Fill the padding on the sides of the container.
 We fill sintepukh We continue to subtract,until the hole completely closes.
 Continue to reduce
Knit the wings and leg for the rattle.

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