Garage from eurofence

For the construction of a garage with a size of 4x6 m, concrete columns and slabs of eurofence are necessary. We did not have to order plates, since we have our own workshop for the production of plates. You need to order slabs and posts, according to the size of the selected garage. The place should be convenient to enter the car and exit. It is also necessary to coordinate with the neighbors so that they would not be inconvenienced.
 Garage from eurofence
If a place is chosen for the construction of the garage, and you have agreed everything, it remains to find an authoritative company in your city and order the material. Eurofence plates should be smooth, without pores. As a result of moisture ingress, water penetrates into the pores and in the case of frosts turns into ice. Therefore, there is a risk of destruction of the slab. The standard plate has a size of 200x50x4, weight not less than 70 kg. The slabs must have proper reinforcement, which, unfortunately, can only be checked on site. Without reinforcement, slab quality is low,and strength and reliability are naturally reduced.
 Garage from eurofence
 Garage from eurofence
We installed a garage near the house. All shown in the photos. At first, concrete pillars were installed around the garage perimeter, and then they were poured with cement mortar. Installation is quick and easy. Such a garage can be easily dismantled and installed elsewhere. Each span consists of four slabs, a height of 2 m. Then prepared the wood, installed on slabs and reinforced the moisture-proof plywood. On plywood, you can mount soft tile, flooring, slate, whatever you want. We built a garage literally a day, provided that the plates and material are ready. At least, it looks nice and the car is not on the street. Our photo of the garage from the eurofence.
 Garage from eurofence

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