Garden toilet

You have purchased a private house or cottage. Immediately there are plans for the restructuring of the premises and the site itself under its own understanding of beauty and convenience. Here and the construction of the bath, summer gazebo, a small pond with a decorative stream and recreation areas. A lot of work in the garden and in the garden. Do not forget about the amenities on the territory of your site. Even if there is a warm toilet and central sewage system in a residential private house or in a country house, a summer toilet in the garden is not at all superfluous. And probably, it is necessary to build it at the beginning of your big alterations on the site. Working on the construction of outbuildings or in the garden and garden, it will be very convenient to use the summer toilet, and not to run around every time in the house. In the household, most owners of private houses and cottages have remnants of building materials - bricks, boards, rubble, and so on. Throw them away is not worth it, everything will come in handy on the farm. Before building a summer toilet, you need to think about his place in the garden. The path to the toilet should not be difficult from all corners of your site and at the same time it should be removed from residential buildings, a swimming pool, a sports area and a recreation area.It is also necessary to think over the construction and materials from which you will build the toilet. Of course, you can build a toilet "outhouse" of old boards or plywood, but it is not modern and not beautiful. Let's build a toilet so that it looks great and fits into the overall landscape of your site. Selecting the place of construction, proceed to the markup. Let us dwell on the version of the summer toilets of cement blocks with a toilet, water supply for a warm period of the year and electricity. This is a little expensive, but it will look modern and beautiful. Choose the size of the pit 2 by 2.5 and a depth of 1.5 meters. The bottom of the pit is not concrete, and the walls are laid out with red brick with gaps between the seams in the lower part of the wall. This is done to ensure that the moisture itself goes into the soil. We lay the formwork on the upper perimeter of the pit walls, leaving a hole with a diameter of 150mm. for flush toilet and 50cm. rear for manhole cesspool. We put steel bars on the formwork to reinforce the floor of the toilet and pour 10 cm of concrete into the concrete layer.
 pour concrete layer
Concrete will completely harden in a few days. If the weather is hot and sunny, concrete must be periodically watered to prevent cracking.Now we lay out the walls of cement blocks with a thickness of 12 cm. They are used in construction for the construction of internal walls in houses. You must first install the frame of the door frame and fix it with stitches.
 lay out the walls
 we lay the walls
If you like, install a window frame in the wall. On top of the walls, we install formwork and logs for the ceiling with a slope for the roof.
 roof slope
After the mortar screed on top of the walls hardens, you can cover the roof , and inside to beat the ceiling with plastic. We hang the door and set the window.
 close it with a decorative net
Inside we place ceramic tiles on the floor and walls, install a toilet, make an outlet in the wall and close it with a decorative grid.
 summer toilet
We supply water and electrical wires. The peculiarity of the summer toilet is,that it is not used in winter and the pipes and the toilet can be defrosted. We'll have to turn off the water in the winter and drain it from the system. Therefore, it is better to hold plastic pipes through the air. From the sump, install a chimney so that odors do not penetrate the toilet and fit the sump cover.
 summer toilet
The internal walls of the toilet can be painted over with water-based paint, and decorate the exterior with a decorative stone.
 decorate with decorative stone
Such a summer toilet is comfortable and will be t look beautiful in your garden.
 summer toilet

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