Gas-holder turnkey price

Autonomous gasification - benefits and merits

Heating and hot water - not a luxury, but a prerequisite for comfortable living outside the city. To build a house in the Leningrad Region, unless, of course, it is not a garden house for a rare visit, without deciding the question of how it will be heated, it makes no sense to live in it only in the summer. After reading the information on - you will gain a full understanding of the organization of economical and high-quality heating of a country house.

At the design stage of the construction of a country house should consider what fuel will be used. This is the main issue on which the purchase of equipment depends, the possibilities available, the layout of the site and premises, and one of the most important is financial investments.

Autonomous gasification compared to other heating options

Spb gas stopper, gas stove for home heating, country isolation

Comparison of the pros and cons of connecting to the main gas pipeline will be discussed below, if we compare the use of liquefied gas with other coolants, then its advantages are indisputable.

Everyone knows about the shortcomings of solid fuels. In addition, firewood, coal or even pellets must be purchased, delivered and stored. Their use brings a lot of difficulties:

- the constant requirement of cleaning chimneys, furnaces and grates;

- soot and smoke in the area;

- permanent fuel placement (even in modern long-burning boilers it is required to lay firewood, peat or other material 1-2 times a day);

- the need to allocate storage space;

- difficulty in regulating the burner;

- low efficiency.

Heating with electricity is the most expensive way. In addition to constant high costs, you will need to obtain permission to connect and conduct a powerful electrically conductive cable. In addition, in the event of an accident on power lines during the winter period (which happens in the Leningrad region is not so rare), the heating system can freeze and completely fail - its restoration will cost too much, and living in a house at this time will simply become impossible.

Diesel fuel - its cost is already much more expensive than that of LPG, and is constantly increasing. When installing a boiler that will work with diesel fuel, it should be taken into account that it will require checking the technical condition once every 2-3 months. The issues with chimney cleaning are the same as with solid fuel combustion. Another unpleasant detail is the persistent unpleasant smell.

Autonomous gasification does not have all the listed disadvantages.

Spb gasholder, gasholder for home heating, suburban isolation

Gas-holder turnkey price is:

- absolute independence from centralized networks;

- almost complete autonomy of work;

- the ability to specify any mode, even with remote access;

- no odors;

- guaranteed absolute security;

- does not require additional space (capacity is in the ground, does not take up space and does not spoil the landscape);

- the possibility of long-term operation;

- high efficiency;

- environmental friendliness;

- no maintenance costs;

- the ability to choose a gas tank completely satisfying the needs.

Trunk gas or gasholder?

Spb gas tank, gas tank for home heating, suburban isolation

Liquefied gas is more expensive than centrally supplied gas. However, its connection is often simply impossible due to the removal of the pipeline. But even if the networks are close enough, this procedure requires a lot of costs and a lot of permissions. It’s not allowed to make an ordinary tie-in; therefore, the gas pipeline will have to be pulled to the distribution center, and this will require costs incompatible with the installation of a gas-holder.

But even if the gas pipeline is nearby, but the connection is not provided for in the master plan, it’s not so easy to use. First of all, the existing gas pipeline may not have additional capacity, and its capacity is already limited by the connected objects. Secondly, it will be necessary to develop a connection project, coordinate it with the supervisory authorities, after that it is necessary to obtain certificates and permits, build and test a local gas pipeline.

As a result, the procedure takes a lot of time and can cost several times more than an autonomous gasification device, even taking into account the cost of the equipment and the gas tank.

What should I look for when organizing autonomous gasification

Spb gasholder, gasholder for home heating, suburban isolation

The cost of installing a turn-key gas tank mainly depends on the area of ​​the building, materials used in construction and, accordingly, the required volume of the tank. For exact prices and other details please contact the supplier.

It should be borne in mind that in our climate not all gas holders are suitable - the products manufactured for use in most European countries are not designed for soil freezing or are generally adapted for ground use. This version of turnkey gas tank is not suitable in SPB.

In addition, you must consider the height of the neck, adaptability to the conditions of valves, gearboxes and other details.

Another important question is the quality of the supplied liquefied gas. In the case of an incorrect ratio of the components in the cold season, there may be difficulties with the evaporation of fuel.

As a result, we can say that to achieve a mandatory connection to gas pipelines should be companies with a fairly large production volume and high fuel consumption. In this case, the costs will eventually pay off due to the cost of the coolant. If heating of a country house is planned, the installation of a gas-holder can be more profitable and more convenient. At the same time, it is only possible to entrust the supply and installation of equipment to companies specializing in such work and providing a full range of services: equipment selection, calculation of the required volumes, design, maintenance and supply of liquefied gas, both “winter” and “summer”.

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