Luminous glass board for recording (Lightboard)

The cool idea for writing boards isThe glowing glass writing board (Lightboard). The board can be made of any size that you need. It is perfect for both home and university to record lectures, as well as for cafes, for example, to record food, prices, stocks. If such a recording board appears in your home, the children will be delighted.

Materials and tools:

  1. plexiglass;
  2. white LED bar;
  3. wooden board for the frame (it should be thick enough);
  4. steel braces
  5. screws and screws;
  6. carpenter's glue;
  7. neon markers;
  8. tool.

Step 1

First we assemble the base or stand for the glass. Basics for the board can be made any, which will be more convenient for you - we draw a general sketch with dimensions for convenience.Therefore, we will not dwell on this in detail.

Saw off 2 boards for racks, 2 boards for legs and two boards - glass will lie on one and the other will join the racks below. The boards have the same size in pairs.

Next, take 2 boards for racks. and they cut out a T-shaped groove, only a long one equal to the height of the glass.

T-shaped recess - the glass will be inserted into the groove and it will hold it, and the LED strip will fit into the lower part.

When all the parts are ready, we assemble the board for fixation using steel brackets, screws and screws.

Step 2

In the groove in all boards lay LED tape. Drill holes for the withdrawal of wires. We wire, connect, connect to the switch and the power source.

Insert the plexiglass in the groove racks and bottom boards.

All, turn on the LEDs andThe glowing glass board for writing (Lightboard)is ready, you can write and enjoy the result.

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