Growing oyster mushrooms at home

Gone are the days when mushrooms could be found only in the forest. Now anyone, even having never had anything to do with growing them, can get a rich harvest. You only need to buy the right materials, follow the instructions for growing oyster mushrooms at home and maintain optimal conditions.

Choosing a mushroom for home cultivation

Photo oyster in the forest

There are artificial plantations with different types of mushrooms: white, shiitake, champignons and others. Oyster mushrooms, which are unpretentious and give a rich harvest, are considered popular. With one kilogram of mycelium with skillful approach, 3-4 kilograms of mushrooms are obtained.

Thin filaments of the mushroom body, from which oyster mushrooms grow, are called mycelium or mycelium. To start growing, you need to purchase a certain amount of mycelium - experienced mushroom growers are advised to start with one kilogram.

Such activities are suitable for both children who want to spend time with interest and test themselves as gardeners, as well as adults who want to acquire a new hobby.It may also interest those who are thinking about their own business. With skillful cultivation, the profitability of oyster mushrooms is quite high. It remains to choose the method of growing the future plantation.

Ways of growing oyster mushrooms

You can use one of two ways: extensive and intensive. Intensive is more close to natural conditions and depends on the season, as opposed to extensive, thanks to which you can grow oyster mushrooms all year round.

The differences in the methods are shown in the table.

 Extensive wayIntensive way
The essence of the method Growing occurs in conditions close to real. Arranged completely artificial conditions.
Required tools and materials Mycelium, tape, stumps, moss. Mycelium, bags, humidifiers, fans, substract.
Cultivation target Hobbies, growing for yourself. Business, growing for profit.
The room Garden, garden. Incubation room and cultivation room.

The disadvantages and advantages of both methods of cultivation.

Extensive way Merits disadvantages
1. The natural environment, the ability to grow in my garden. Dependence on the season and weather.
2. Less expensive method. Oyster mushroom ripening takes longer.
3. Mushrooms do not need to constantly monitor. It is impossible to control the number and timing of the implementation, which makes the method unsuitable for marketing the cherry.
Intensive way Merits disadvantages
1. Full control over the growth of the finished product. Two separate rooms with suitable growing conditions are needed.
2. Regulation and control of the number of grown oyster mushrooms. Cash investments not only in the premises, but also in materials.
3. Establishing a business on the sale of oyster mushrooms and compensation for the cost of buying materials. It takes more time to observe and control the growth of fungi.

Preparing for growing

Having decided on the method, it is necessary to make preparatory steps. Read the instructions and understand the intricacies of the process.

Now you need to purchase mycelium:

  • Find a seller and make your own purchase.
  • Purchase the mycelium in a specialized online store.

Before buying, determine the type of mycelium. If there is any doubt about the quality of the product, first purchase a small quantity per sample.

If possible, examine the packaging before purchasing.Read the data on the content, look at the expiration date. Pay attention to the appearance of mycelium: there should be no black and green spots that indicate the presence of mold. Such mycelium will not bear fruit. Fresh mycelium has a white color with splashes of orange and yellow.

Mycelium deteriorates quickly, so limit the first time a kilogram of product to have enough time to properly distribute the mycelium for planting. After purchase, check the temperature of the mycelium, it should be 20 degrees.

Features of growing on stumps

Oyster mushrooms in natural conditions

The simple but long way is extensive. It consists in planting a mycelium in hemp.

  1. Choose suitable hemp: free from mold and with damp wood (dry it is better to soak for a couple of days in water).
  2. Make holes in stumps with a drill, five to seven centimeters deep, fill in mycelium in them and cover with moss. There is another way: saw off the upper part of the stump, make a small indentation, fill in the mycelium, return the upper part of the log to the place and nail it back.
  3. Place the hemp in a special room, stacked on top of each other.Cover with a thick film and leave alone for three months. In the room, keep the temperature around 15 degrees.
  4. When white spots appear on the stumps, it means that the oyster mushrooms are ready for planting. The optimal time for this is the end of spring (early May).
  5. Dig holes in the ground, cover with damp leaves and place on top of the stump with mycelium, deepening 15 centimeters. Soil should always be moist, so water it every day.
  6. The first harvest will be at the end of the summer. Gently twist the mushrooms, and do not cut them with a knife. In the mycelium should not remain pieces of mushrooms, so as not to provoke rotting. Optimal conditions will allow the fall to harvest a few more times.
  7. Mycelium will be bearing fruit next year, but it needs to be protected from frost by carefully filling hemp with straw.

Growing oyster mushrooms in natural conditions is a simple and not expensive method that gives a good harvest (although not as big as when creating artificial conditions). Most of the time is spent on preparing the plantation and watering the mail.

Video instruction

Features of growing in bags

Oyster mushrooms

If you want to seriously engage in the cultivation of oyster mushrooms,find a suitable room (basement, greenhouse), install the necessary equipment - humidifiers and fans to ensure the necessary conditions (temperature, importance, lighting), place racks or hangers for bags with the substrate.

  1. If you have already acquired the required amount of mycelium, the next step is to prepare the substrate - a mixture of vegetable components: corn cobs, buckwheat, straw, sunflower, wheat and others. It is important that there are no putrefactive inclusions in the substrate.
  2. For the cultivation of one batch of mushrooms enough 10 kilograms of the substrate, which must be crushed to a size of several centimeters.
  3. Conduct heat treatment of the substrate and its disinfection. Boil the mixture for about two hours on low heat. After reducing the temperature to 26 degrees, drain the water. Now the substrate is sufficiently moist and safe for fungi. Make a solution by pouring a spoonful of yeast into 250 ml of water. Add the yeast solution along with a spoon of hydrated lime to the substrate to disinfect.
  4. Prepare two plastic bags per kilogram of mycelium. Leave them for two hours in bleach solution for disinfection.
  5. Mix the substrate with the mycelium or place it in layers. Gradually, you will understand which method is more suitable.
  6. Transfer the bags of substrate to a dark room. Light for the growth of fungi at this stage is not required. The room temperature should be maintained no higher than twenty-two degrees.
  7. After two weeks, the mycelium entangles the substrate and begins to form a homogeneous mass. This is a sign of the completion of the incubation period. Lower the temperature to 12 degrees and increase the humidity to 95%.
  8. In two weeks you can harvest the first harvest of oyster mushrooms. Mushrooms twist out of the bag (do not cut). Total oyster mushrooms will bear fruit four times. The main harvest will appear in the first two months.

Growing oyster mushrooms in bags requires considerable cash outlay, but the profitability of the method is much higher. You yourself control the crop and its volume.

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Growing oyster mushrooms as a business - is it worth starting?

Growing mushrooms at home is a popular and profitable business. At low cost, you can get good money.

Examine the process to the smallest detail to eliminate accidental losses.For sale, choose an intensive method of growing oyster mushrooms to fully control growth.

When producing on a large scale, hire the help of hired workers. One is difficult to follow the process. Get two rooms - one for incubation, the second for growing mushrooms. Equip the premises in accordance with the standards so that the product is really high quality.

If you are just starting out, the basement is fine, but you still need an investment. In general, this type of business has a high profitability, because with intensive growing, you do not depend on the season. Having filled your hand, you can expand production by growing other types of mushrooms.

Helpful Tips

  1. At first, do not purchase a large amount of mycelium. It tends to deteriorate rapidly. To gain experience, start with one kilogram of mycelium.
  2. Buy mycelium only from trusted vendors. If you buy goods from a new seller or online store, first order a small batch.
  3. Before buying, examine the data and appearance of the mycelium.
  4. Monitor the temperature of the room and substrate. Install indoor fans.
  5. The cold is contraindicated in oyster mushrooms. They just will not get up.
  6. Work with mycelium is necessary only in gloves. This is the most powerful allergen!
  7. Dry wood is better to soak for a couple of days in the water. Oyster mushrooms need moisture for growth.
  8. Mushrooms remove from the substrate, so as not to cause rotting of raw materials.
  9. The raw material for the substrate must be fresh and free of mold.
  10. Oyster mushrooms - one of the most unpretentious mushrooms. It is necessary to control only the temperature and humidity.
  11. Over time, you can learn to grow mycelium yourself, so as not to depend on external factors: sellers, prices, quality, etc.

If you just start to grow mushrooms at home, oyster mushrooms are a suitable option at the training stage. They do not require serious care, so you can easily turn this activity into an interesting hobby or a successful business.

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