Gwen Stefani will launch her cosmetics line

But how to stand out against the background of a huge number of rivals? After all, the same Kim Kardashian, for example, earns $ 10 million a day from selling her KKW Beauty cosmetics ... Gwen found the answer to this question: video blogs on makeup, skin care and beauty trends reviews should be the highlight of her brand. By the way, Stephanie is already familiar with the production of cosmetics: in 2008 she launched a collection of fragrances Harajuku Lovers, and in 2015, together with the Urban Decay brand, she released a limited series of makeup products that she uses on a daily basis.

“Since childhood, I used makeup as a form of self-expression, because it can reflect individuality and creativity,” the singer admitted. However, Gwen discovered scarlet lipstick, which became her trademark, as early as 20 years old when she worked as a makeup artist at a shopping center: according to her, nothing inspires more than images of Hollywood starlets of the 50s.

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