Hair Band

Spring is the most beautiful season of the year. After a long hibernation, everything starts to come to life. At this time of year, you want to look special. To change heavy winter sweaters and jeans to a bright flowing dress, to dissolve hair and decorate them with a spring rim. The original hair band can be made at home with your crayfish. In order to make the headband, we will need the following materials: 1. The fabric is yellow; 2. fabric turquoise; 3. paper; 4. compasses; 5. thread; 6. needle; 7. partnovsky pins; 8. knitting threads are yellow; 9. candle. The basis of the manufacture of the rim is the idea of ​​burning the fabric on the candle. Therefore, the result of the work will depend on the right choice of fabric. It is very important to choose a fabric that lends itself well to firing - these are thin fabrics that contain artificial fibers. When firing, the edge of the fabric should roll up and form plastic balls or a crust. Also, when using two fabrics, their colors should blend well with each other with your outfit and manner. We divide our work into severalsteps. Step 1. Making templates. On thick paper with a compass, draw two circles with a diameter of 6 and 5 cm. Cut them out. In the absence of a compass, you can circle any round object. The size of the circles determines the size of the future flower.
 Template Templates
Step 2. Preparation of Flower Petals. With the help of harvested We cut out the templates: five petals with a diameter of 5 and 6 cm from a yellow fabric, ten petals with a diameter of 5 and 6 cm from a turquoise fabric. On each petal we make cuts of 5-7 pieces with a depth of 0.7 - 1.0 cm. Do not try to make the same the cuts on the petals, the fancier the shape, the more beautiful the flower. We burn each petal on a candle. When firing, the petals should be directed inward, if you overexposed the edge of the petal and a black cinder formed on it, it can be cut off and the petal can be scorched again. If you are not comfortable working with candles, then you can replace it with a lighter.
 Harvesting of flower petals
Step 3. Assembling the petals. Laying petals in colors and in size from larger to smaller. Sew in the middle. In order for the petals of the flower to fit more closely to each other and the flower looked more lush, fold it in half with the petals inside and sew through several stitches, forming a tuft. In this way we harvest three flowers: one yellow and two turquoise.  add to
 getting a flower
flowersStep 4. Final stage - assembly of the bezel. The bezel will be attached to the head with a braided cord. To do this, from the yellow knitting yarn weave braid. The thickness of the weaving should be approximately 0.5 - 0.7 cm. If the threads are thin, then they can be folded in several rows. It is better to take the length with a margin of 90 - 95 cm, when weaving it will decrease. We try on a woven cord, determine the required length and location of the flowers, usually it is shifted to the left or right from the center.Sew flowers tightly to each other, yellow in the center, turquoise at the edges.
 winding cord
 we sew flowers
The bezel is ready.
The bezel is ready

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