Handbag and headband for girls

Crocheted drawing "strawberry" looks so impressive that it is difficult to resist, so that something does not bind it. Knitting this look looks great in any products, bags, hats, trim along the edge. Very nice look kits for girls headbands and handbags, made in one style. Such accessories are good for any age, but especially suitable for children from 3–8 years old. For the kit you need: Green and red yarn of 50 g (length in 100 g - 250 m). Hooks № 3 and 4. The main pattern is knitted according to the scheme, where a row of columns with a crochet and lush columns Knits with red yarn. This will be the strawberry. And the next row is knitted with a green thread with / bn. It will be leaves.
picture knitting
Headband. Step 1. The chain from the crochet hook # 4 is sewn with a green thread. Its length is equal to the size of the head. However, do not forget that the number of loops must be a multiple of 4 according to the pattern. I scored 120 ip.
do loops
Step 2. Change the hook to the number 3 and knit a number of s / n, not forgetting to make loops to lift at the beginning of the series. Connect the circle connecting loop.
Change the thread and continue
Step 3. Change the thread and continue in the same direction. Two i / p, * 2 / cn in the first 2 loops of the previous row, a magnificent column with 5 nakida, 1 s / cn *. We continue this drawing to the end of the circle, 1 s / sn and connect the row with a connecting column. Step 4. Change the thread. Lifting from 1 i / p, * 1 column without crochet into the first loop of the row, knit a cluster (stretch the strawberries between scarves, stretch the loops, leaving them on the hook until we collect 5 and knit them together), 2 sec / bn in the next two loops of the previous one rows *. We continue to the end of the circle, connect it.
knit bandage
So mating looks closer.
knit bandage
Step 5. Change the thread, do 2 in / p and on the same basis * knit a lush column, 2 seconds / sn in the next 3 loops of the row * . We continue ** to the end, we connect the circle. Step 6. Change the thread. Lifting loop, * a cluster of 4 unrelated c / bn between strawberry loops, 3 c / bn in the following loops *, to the end of the row. Connect the circle. Step 7 and step 8 match, as step 5 and step 4. Step 9. Two w / o raises, s / c in each loop of the previous row. We tear off and hide the thread. You can try on a bandage! If it is too big, it’s enough to stretch its ribbon or thread inside.
knit bandage
And here she is already on the head of my princess.
Handbag. The bag is beginning to knit with a bottom with green threads. How much you like. You can tie a big bag. It can be smaller. From this will depend on the number of loops in the row. The main thing, remember! The multiplicity of the number of loops around the bottom of the bottom should be four. I tied 21 w / n crochet No. 4, changed the hook to No. 3, and knitted one w / sn on each side into each loop of the chain, and four end loops. Circle closed and turned 48 s / d. Thread changed and began to knit on the main pattern. In the first round 12 strawberries turned out.
knit handbag
The second circle is knitted in a checkerboard pattern. Again in the main figure.
knit handbag
We knit such rows with strawberries 8. knitting handbag
Tying them with / sn green thread. knitting handbag For beauty you can make a number of scales.
We knit a handle for a bag like this: type 6 in / p, join and continue knitting with crochets in a spiral into each loop of the row.
pen handbags
At both ends of the handle knit with red yarn 12 s / sn and close them in a circle. We fix the handles in the bag through the hole between the posts. Handbag ready.
knitted handbag
This is a cute set we have.  Handbag and headband

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