Hawaiian Lotus

Using fine synthetic materials, you can create luxurious jewelry. These things include hairpins and hair ties, which are based on a lush flower.
 Hawaiian lotus
To make such an ornament you will need:
- scissors. - a little thin fishing line. - lighter. - hair tie pink or red. - glue gun. - rectangles from bright pink dress fabric in size 5 x 6 cm, only 24 pieces. - rectangles from a material of bright pink color measuring 5 x 5.5 cm, sun its 11 pieces. - square details made of yellow-colored dress fabric with a size of 5 x 5 cm. - lighter. - a circle of bright pink dress fabric with a diameter of 5 cm. Creating a decoration. To begin with, cut out the flower petals from all the rectangular details. The result will be 24 elongated parts, 11 short and 5 of the same size of yellow petals.
Now it is necessary to process the edges of all the prepared petals with a lighter.A feature of this flower are the corrugated edges of the petals, so when they are fired in the rounds, you need to slightly stretch. Thanks to this, the upper part of these parts will become wavy, and under the influence of a hot flame their shape will be preserved for a long time.  petals
The same way you need to process all the petals of bright pink and yellow fabric. Further it is necessary to make a central vein on each petal. To do this, the part should be folded in half with the front side inside.  bend the petal Now, at the place of the bend you need to gently bring the lighter's fire and gently reflow it. The main thing is that the fabric only melt a little bit, but there are no burnt holes. Burn the bend slightly along its length, and place with the molten cloth gently squeeze your fingers, so that the streak gets its shape.  molten cloth The result is beautiful petals with central vein that holds the shape of the whole part.Such actions should be repeated with all the prepared petals.
 beautiful petals are obtained
When all the details are ready, you can start to connect the flower. To do this, take a circle with a diameter of 5 cm, which will be the base of the flower and process its edges with a lighter.
 flower base
Now you need to glue the first row of parts to the base, consisting of 5 long petals of bright pink fabric.
 glue petals to the base
After that you need to continue gluing the petals by 5 pieces in each row, placing the details between the two petals of the previous row.
 glue petals to the base
When all long petals are glued, you should put the decoration in side and continue creating the top of the flower. To do this, the fishing line must be cut into 6 cm lengths and glue them together in a bundle, they will be the stamens of a flower. Further to the stamens, it is necessary to glue the yellow petal.It must encircle all the stamens. The remaining details of the yellow fabric should be attached around the stamens.
 glue the yellow petal
Now, around the yellow petals, you need to glue small pieces of bright pink fabric. The result will be a small flower.
 paste a yellow petal
Now you need to carefully glue these two flowers together.
Hawaiian lotus A lush lotus flower is ready, it remains only to gum from the wrong side, and the decoration is completely created.

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