House Coloring

Lovely gingerbread houses and strict city buildings. Coloring pages for printing. In the process, the child can dream up, imagining what kind of owner each house may have.

At the same time, teach him to pay attention to the details of the picture: the shape of the house, its roof, flowers on the windows and near the house. Tell them that the details form the whole image, so they have more meaning than it may seem at first.

 House Coloring

House Coloring

Offer the child to create a palette of the best, in his opinion, color combinations, and then paint the roof, walls, window frames on it. You can choose shades of colors according to what the owner will be in this house. With such a serious approach, even the simplest coloring for children will become a way to develop artistic taste and perception.

With younger children, you can learn the names of parts of the house: roof, walls, windows, door, stairs (stairs), porch, stove pipe, shutters. This is a very useful exercise for city residents who are not confronted withindividual houses.

One of the pictures contains only the contours of the front facade of the house - it is like an unfinished building.

Young children can be offered to draw those parts of the house that they lack.

Older kids can think about why this house looks so flat, and how it can be given volume. (To do this, you must finish the side wall and the side of the roof.)

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