Lamb House

The New Year is already very close, which will bring us a lot of good news and changes for the better. In place of a rather difficult and full year of testing a horse comes a more calm and fluffy lamb. This animal is soft and fluffy, so astrologers therefore assure that the year will also be like the animal itself is soft and fluffy. Therefore, it is simply necessary that on the New Year's Eve together with you on this magical holiday be sure to have a sheep, and no matter in what capacity. This may, for example, be a soft toy, a ceramic or clay figurine, a fridge magnet or a beautiful Christmas ball. The most important thing is that the lamb shines on the Christmas tree, for example, not necessarily on the ball, but you can make a rather interesting paper house for it from which its wonderful inhabitant will look - a sheep. It is possible to make such a house in the scrapbooking technique, which is how we will deal with right now. And this house will be on podvesochke, so it can be freely hung on a Christmas tree instead of a ball. To make this New Year's house you need: •Beige sheet of thick cardboard; • The scheme for the house; • Scraped New Year's paper in three colors; • Dark blue mother-of-pearl cardboard; • Pictures with a sheep and a deer; • Round frame chipboard; • Blue satin ribbons with polka dots, blue with lurex, blue with polka dots; • Brocade ribbons and burlap cord; • Punch; • Stamps with different New Year's inscriptions;
• Blue ink; • Blue stamens and white stamens in sugar; • Cut off gray flower; • Bunches of white and blue stamens; • • Shiny centers hollow-colored hollow flower and high-grade; • Paper snowflakes; • Pearl beads; • Stationery knife; • • Cutting down white nacreous frame and multi-colored openwork circle; • • PVA glue, scissors , double-sided tape, glue gun, pencil and ruler.
 House with paper sheep
 For the manufacture
First thing on m needs to be done, it is exactly according to the scheme to transfer all the markings to beige cardboard. Our house will be 10 cm tall, and 9 cm wide.Fully markup and where necessary with the help of scissors we draw the bending lines.
 transfer all markings to beige cardboard
 We cut out the house blank completely
Cut out the whole house billet, bend where necessary by bending.
Cut out the whole house billet
 Cut the house completely
We apply to the left side of the house Chipboard round frame and make a circle for cutting out the window. Cut a circle with a stationery knife.
 chipboard frame
 cut a circle with a knife
Cut the bottom and roof of pearl board, hole punch on both sides cut lace.
 Cut the bottom and the roof
 Bottom and cut the roof
From three different paperswe cut out three houses, in one we also make a window with a stationery knife. Pictures and cuttings sticking double-sided tape. A few more strips of blue mother-of-pearl cardboard are made by punch holes.
 cut out three houses
 cut out three houses
Collect on individual elements are such parts. On the white cardboard we stamp two New Year's inscriptions, cut out and make the edges tinted.  We collect by separate elements
Collecting by individual elements Pictures and inscriptions are first sewed with a machine, then we glue the blanks with adhesive tape to the base and also sew the house on both sides. Cut the sides of the house 1.8 * 9.8 cm, glue and sew. br>

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