How insects fly

How do insects fly?

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As mentioned above, insects use powerful air flows for their flights, and if the air resistance is of great importance for the aircraft (for this purpose, the wings of the aircraft are fixed and streamlined), then for insects it is not. On the contrary, their wings are in constant motion during the flight. That is why they are not afraid of turbulence.
Insects are able to make several types of flight. The main is, of course, active (waving) flight. In addition, they use the so-called progressive flight, which is quite maneuverable, fast, stable and economical. Often insects just hang in the air. This is also a flight that allows you to keep your position in space unchanged. Like birds, insects practice passive flight, subdivided into parachuting, diving, planning and soaring. To make all these types of flights, these amazing creatures must be “equipped” with special “devices”.

What “devices” help insects fly?

Wings. They are lamellar outgrowths of the integument, which are directly connected to the whole complex of muscles serving them. In general, insects have two pairs of wings: front and rear. The wings themselves consist of the thinnest wing plate (membrane), which is mounted on solid veins. Veins, in turn, form a solid foundation for the wing.
The musculature of the wing. In contrast to the wings of birds and bats, the wings of insects are deprived of their own muscles, so the pectoral muscles set in motion. These include the longitudinal spinal muscles, the pleural muscles, the longitudinal ventral muscles, and the dorsoventral muscles.

The eighth wonder of the world

Scientists call the miracle of insect flight technique. For example, an ordinary mosquito in the air can effortlessly catch up to a female, forcing her to descend. An expert from the American University in Florida, Jerry Butler was able to determine the speed of this same mosquito with the help of a bullet fired from a pistol. It turned out that the insect had managed to catch up with this bullet in the air at a speed of 144 km / h! Amazing

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