How magnolia blooms

Garden decoration

The shrub is extraordinarily beautiful — large, leathery, shiny leaves, branchy branches — are themselves worthy adornments for every garden. At the time of flowering, which falls on April - May, it is impossible to take your eyes off it at all. Huge flowers adorn every twig of a bush. This is a kind of "aristocrat" in the plant world: widely known and loved by all. But the secret of his breeding is not available to every gardener.


Although the plant is southern, but with a certain care it lives quite comfortably in mid-latitude conditions. A gardener who decides to decorate his garden with a bush of magnolia should take into account all the whims of the capricious beauty. It does not carry the neighborhood with anyone, its branches need space and light.
Does not like magnolia and excessive anxiety, so the soil around the tree is better not to loosen. But from fertilizer with peat or compost is delighted. Another beauty drinks a lot, so you need to regularly water it plentifully.It is time to help her get rid of all the excess: it is better to simply cut off dried branches and leaves that are not fallen. Here, perhaps, all that concerns care.

Types of Magnolia

The most resistant type of magnolia is cobus. Best suited to novice gardeners: unpretentious in the care, propagated by seeds and seedlings. The tree grows up to 5 meters high. It blooms from mid-April to May 15-20.
The wolfberry magnolia is also widespread. The shape resembles a cone, and the flowers have white bell-shaped. It produces persistent strong aroma of anise.
The most beautiful is considered to be nude magnolia. The shrub itself is in the form of a bowl, the flowers are white, slightly creamy, they are larger than those of other species.
The world of magnolias is quite rich and diverse - there are more than 80 species in total. Deciduous species are typical for temperate latitudes, and evergreens are found in southern latitudes. If we talk about the size, then there is also a fairly wide range - from 2 to 30 meters in height there are trees and shrubs.
All types of magnolia have large-sized flowers - up to 25 centimeters in diameter, differ in rich colors: white, pink, purple, purple, cream.Some flowers have no smell at all, others smell very much. There are also those that emit an unpleasant, even fetid odor with external beauty.
It is widely believed that the magnolia is very bizarre, whimsical, hard to take root. This is far from the truth, because this plant, like any other living thing, just needs love, care and minimal care.

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