How to build a pump?

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How to build a pump?

The heat pump is the ideal solution for heating a house if the area where the house is located is not gasified. Heating with a heat pump is not as expensive as electric, and, of course, not as troublesome as the organization of a wood or coal boiler.

In this article we will talk about how a heat pump works and how to assemble it yourself.

Principle of operation

The heat pump works on the principle of the Carnot cycle, however, in order not to load you with complicated terms, it is easier to say that the heat pump is a refrigerator in reverse. As you know, in a refrigerator, the heat given off by food heats up the coolant that circulates through the pipes, which is then discharged to the back wall. In the case of a heat pump, this heat goes to heat the house.

How to assemble a pump

The heat pump in operation is very economical, but it can be quite expensive, although it is not so difficult to make it yourself.

For this we need: a compressor (you can buy in the workshop for the repair of refrigerators or air conditioners),condenser (iron tank 100-120 liters), coil (can be made from ordinary plumbing pipes of small diameter), welding machine, evaporator (plastic capacity 60-80 liters), fasteners. So:

  1. Fasten the compressor to the wall.
  2. We take the iron tank, cut it in half, insert the coil inside, weld in several technical threaded connections and weld it back.
  3. The evaporator is also mounted on the wall, having previously installed another coil into it.
  4. In principle, the system is ready, it remains to weld the copper tubes and add freon to the system, but we strongly recommend that you entrust this part of the work to a professional. Performing this stage on your own can lead not only to damage to the structure, but also to injury.

Of course, self-assembly of the pump is much more economical than buying a finished model, so we hope our advice will help you to make a pump with your own hands.

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