How To Become A Brand Ambassador

How to Become a Brand Ambassador

Two Methods:

Working as a brand ambassador can be a good way to make a little extra side cash, but it isn’t always obvious—or easy—to get your start. To lock down a position as an in-person ambassador, search for special brand events taking place in your area and talk to the event’s organizers about opportunities at upcoming events. If you’re more interested in becoming a paid influencer on social media, try sending a proposition to the company you’re interested in representing on the social media platform of your choice.


Getting Hired for Branded Events

  1. Research brand events going on in your area.Check the “Events” page on Facebook or run a quick search for “brand events” along with the name of your city. The results you pull up will give you an idea of what’s happening near you. Businesses like automobile manufacturers, clothing designers, alcohol distilleries, cell service providers, and consumer technology companies all hold marketing events on a regular basis.
    • While you’re browsing, think about what kind of things you’re passionate about. Chances are, you’ll be able to find at least one opportunity that lines up with your interests.
    • If you’re confronted with so many option that you’re not sure where to start, it may help to make a list of all the companies you could see yourself representing and narrow it down to the 2 or 3 that you like the most.
  2. Talk to a company representative in person at an upcoming event.Ask around to find out who’s running the event and approach them about the possibility of becoming a paid associate. They’ll give you a rundown on the necessary qualifications and characteristics they look for in an ambassador, as well as the exact responsibilities that the role entails. At the very least, they’ll be able to put you in touch with the person in charge of hiring.
    • Take some time to learn a little about the company before you show up. The more knowledgeable and enthusiastic you seem, the more likely it is that they’ll want to bring you on board.
  3. Apply to work at the company’s next event.In some cases, you may be able to apply for a job as a brand ambassador the old-fashioned way. Visit the website of the company you want to work for and check out their “careers” or “opportunities” page. Once you’re there, look for a link to an application or contact form where you can express interest in the position and tell the company’s marketing managers a little about yourself.
    • If you don’t see any listings on the company’s website, try looking for related postings on job search sites like Monster, Indeed, and LinkedIn.
    • Depending on the product or service being advertised, previous experience in marketing or hospitalities may give you an edge over other applicants.
  4. Represent the company at future events.As a brand ambassador, your duties will include things like handing out samples, performing product demonstrations, and giving special presentations about the company and what they do. You may also be asked to arrive early or stay late to help out with other tasks like setting up booths and displays.
    • Brand ambassadors are also typically given shirts, hats, jackets, and other specially branded apparel to wear.
    • Be prepared to do anything else the event organizers need you to do, such as stocking backup products or signing up interested customers for the company’s mailing list.

Becoming an Online Brand Ambassador

  1. Get in touch with the company you’re interested in promoting.Send a short message directly to the company’s Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account and ask about the possibility of becoming a brand ambassador. Focus on the kinds of companies you often see mentioned in sponsored posts. If they work with other influencers, chances are they’ll be interested in working with you, as well.
    • Don’t expect a company to be the one to reach out to you unless you already have an impressive social media following.
    • Assuming you fit the bill for what the company is looking for, they’ll message you back and follow up with details on how to get started.
  2. Only represent brands you actually use and like.As a brand ambassador, your job will be to sell your followers on a particular product or service. If you don’t genuinely stand behind what you’re advertising, they’ll feel like they’re getting a spiel rather than a personal recommendation from someone whose opinions they trust.
    • Most sponsor companies allow their brand ambassadors to test out their products and services (such as a new clothing line or meal subscription service) free of charge so they can talk about them with more authority.
    • Pushing something in a way that feels forced (or overly forceful) could cost you followers.
  3. Post engaging content to your preferred social media platform.Your contact within the company will typically give you some guidelines on how they want sponsored posts to be structured. They may request that you depict a featured product in a certain way, for instance, or include specific hashtags in the accompanying caption.
    • If you enjoy your biggest following on Instagram or YouTube, you’ll take photos or videos of yourself using one the company’s products, along with attention-grabbing captions explaining to your followers why they should try it for themselves.
    • On platforms like Facebook or Twitter, your sponsored content may be based around longer posts describing your experiences in detail.
    • Once you’ve satisfied the company’s basic criteria, you’ll have quite a bit of freedom over how you choose to present your posts. Companies work with influencers because of the sway they have with a given audience, which means you’re encouraged to do things your way.
  4. Stick to a regular posting schedule.Get in the habit of putting up new content on a consistent basis. This might mean monthly, weekly, or even daily, depending on the nature of your arrangement with your sponsor. If you’re getting paid by the post, more content means more money in your pocket.
    • The company might ask you to make strategically-timed posts to coincide with sales or ongoing marketing campaigns, or they may leave the frequency to your discretion.
  5. Build as large a following as possible.Continue racking up subscribers as you fill your page with inspired, quality content. If your profile is currently set to private, consider making it public. The more eyes you manage to get on your posts, the more money your sponsor will make.
    • Getting follows from high-profile users is a great way to direct more traffic to your page.
    • Make it a point to connect with other successful influencers. Not only will this expand your network, it will also give you a list of helpful examples to look to.

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  • Most branded event gigs are one-time-only opportunities, which means they may not be enough to pay the bills on their own.
  • Liking, sharing, and commenting on sponsored content frequently may help attract the attention of the company’s marketing coordinators.
  • Some companies compensate their ambassadors with free merchandise rather than cash. Be sure to review the terms of your contract carefully before accepting if you’re in it for a paycheck.
  • Top-level brand ambassadors have the potential to make as much as ,000-50,000 a year, with pay rates ranging from -16 per hour.

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