How to become an entrepreneur?

Most people can not give up the usual monthly income in the form of wages. Many entrepreneurs were pushed by life circumstances - moving to a new place of residence, dismissal. But there are people who initially feel in themselves the potential and strength for entrepreneurship. If you decide to become an entrepreneur - this is very good! So, we will consider further how to become an entrepreneur.

  • First, you need to believe in yourself! If a person is confident in himself, he will succeed in his endeavors and in business.
  • Secondly, in the first place should stand the case, not profit.
  • Set goals, plans, implement them. Take courses for start-up entrepreneurs.

Most entrepreneurs prefer to do business in the industry where they worked before, because know a lot about this business. For example, a person who has worked as a cook can open a small cafe - it will be just right for him!

Opening a business requires:

  • self-discipline, willingness to work diligently for unlimited time without the hope of quickly earning income;
  • work in the evenings and weekends, non-vacation;
  • reducing personal time.

How to become an entrepreneur in Russia

In our country, any citizen who is an adult and capable and able to become an entrepreneur, and by virtue of his particular professional activity, does not have a ban on organizing his own business (deputies, employees of some government agencies, employees of law enforcement agencies, etc.). Sometimes a ban on entrepreneurial activities may be imposed by the decision of the Court. In order to do business in Russia, it is necessary to register it properly in state structures. So, how to become an individual entrepreneur. The registration procedure is simple, does not take much time and does not require any special expenses. What is necessary for her:

  1. Application form (R21001). It is filled out in block letters in a single copy, it contains the OKEVED codes and the proposed activities.
  2. The statement is certified by a notary.
  3. We pay the state duty (800 rubles) in the branches of Sberbank.
  4. In the tax service we provide: a certified statement, 2 copies of a passport, a copy of the TIN certificate, a receipt for payment of the fee.

The only obstacle may be the queues at the registration authorities. But you can send there intermediaries (law firms). Employees of the company will deal themselves with the procedure of collecting documents and producing a seal without your participation for a certain amount (2000-4000 rubles).

How to become an entrepreneur from scratch

What if there are no funds to start your own business? The stereotype that it takes a lot of money to create a business has developed mainly from people who are not entrepreneurs. It is customary to think this way, looking at what the entrepreneur ALREADY has (office, equipment, employees, etc.). Try to save on your own, or are looking for investors, also as a state. To do this, calculate your income and expenses, draw up a business plan and then receive money from the state to open your own business. The project is considered, and if it is implemented, it allows you to make a profit, then it is recommended for financing. A novice businessman also creates jobs at his enterprise, he may claim to receive additional funds for each employed employee.It should be understood: the budget money is under special control. Subsidies and grants are allocated to the unemployed registered with the employment service. During the year, it is checked how these funds are used: documents are checked, CZ specialists visit the enterprise. If it is closed, the money must be returned to the state.

Let's summarize how to become a private entrepreneur. It is necessary to follow some rules: - you need to think things over and get advice from a competent specialist before you start organizing your own business; - properly assess their material capabilities and business skills; - understand the basics of business; -be able to predict activity for different periods of time. If you have firmly decided to become an entrepreneur, do not forget, there will be ups and downs, learn from them a lesson to develop and grow further. Successes!

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