How to behave in a fire?

Tatyana Lyho
Tatyana Lyho
March 18, 2013
How to behave in a fire?

Does the flame engulf your home and you panicking, losing a minute for your salvation? Because of the confusion you have less time to get to a safe place. This is where clear coordinated actions are needed. But they are possible only because of the knowledge of how to behave in a fire.

Simple rules

If you smell smoke, try to find a source of ignition. Go around your house or apartment, look around at the landing. If you find a place of fire, immediately call firefighters. If you do not remember how to do this, use the tips from the article: "How to call firefighters?". These are the first steps to behave in a fire.

Seeing the opportunity to do something yourself, try using different ways to extinguish the fire. Open the windows, turn off the gas and turn off the electricity on the panel. What else can be done, read the articles:

take care of yourself

Self-control will help in such a critical situation. Knowing how to behave in a fire, clearly follow the instructions. Can not extinguish the fire - caused firefighters, quickly run away.Soak a towel or cloth in water and cover your nose and mouth. As smoke accumulates at the top, running out, crouch, or even crawl around. Avoid inhalation of acrid smoke, you may not have time to leave the house, as you lose consciousness. For emergency cases, it is necessary to foresee and separately put all the documents, valuables, money. If it lies in one place, you will quickly take advantage of them.

Ways of salvation

Since in our country there is no provision for preparation for the actions of residents in emergency situations, self-education will help you understand how to behave in a fire. Namely, where to run to escape.

  • Run out into the street. Do not use the elevator, go down the stairs.
  • If the front door is on fire, carefully open the balcony door, exit to the balcony and close the door tightly behind you.
  • Do not jump down, do not go down the ropes and downpipes.
  • If you live on the top floor and it is impossible to go outside, get out on the roof of the house.

These rules of conduct in case of fire can save the life of you and your loved ones!

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