How to bet on floorball: features, types, resources and bookmakers

Florbor is an ordinary hockey game, but with two features:

- play floorball only in enclosed spaces;

- instead of the usual hockey puck, a plastic ball is used.

However, today the number of companies taking floorboard bets is gradually increasing and the audience is increasing. Of course, so far the volumes and coverage of the bets cannot yet be compared with the same rates and odds as ordinary hockey, football or cricket has. It is possible that in the near future everything will change, because tournaments in this sport are becoming more ambitious.

The history of the sport began not so long ago, but the game is spreading with great speed. Many professional and beginner betters around the world began to study, master and make money on this sport, gradually turning floorball into a source of additional income.And this is not surprising, because the unusual and young sports fall into the category of promising.

Today, floorball bets are gaining popularity for several reasons:

- spectacular and sporting interest matches, which are often held;

- almost all existing strategies are suitable for floorball;

- it is rather difficult to collect statistics on games and analyze them, therefore in most online services it is provided in a meaningful, concise form.

You should not start betting on this sport if all the rules and features of the game, as well as TOP teams playing in the big leagues have not been thoroughly studied. There are not so many teams yet, so a beginner better should first deal with the teams and their teams. The outcome of the game in each match often depends on any member in each team.

What are the differences between hockey and floorball? Besides the fact that these two types of sports competitions have different sports equipment and different places for holding matches, these two games also differ by additional rules. For example, players in teams can, according to the rules, stop the ball with both a stick and feet.

Floorball analysis

In the process of analysis, it is necessary to take into account both the total number of goals of each team, but also the number of goals scored in teams with equal compositions, both in the minority and in the majority.

One of the main parameters that must be analyzed is the attacking potential of each team, where both the individual characteristics of each team member, and effectiveness, and interaction are especially important.

Removal in a sport such as floorball happens very often, and each of them can affect the course of the game. But, as statistics show, teams have advantages if players are removed from another team. In total, after one or several deletions, about 20 percent of all goals are scored. Therefore, tough players should be taken into account, although this factor cannot be called decisive in determining bets.

Favorite, club teams in this sport do not spend a large number of matches every season, as in more popular sports, which include the NHL and KHL. In standard game seasons, tours are held about 4 times a month, every week, so players will always have time to restore their athletic strength for each next game.

Of great importance when betting on the floorball is the goalkeeper and his playing technique.Players perform a variety of actions to attack, defend and attack, so it is very important to know what players are in defensive lines. And if in the team the main goalkeeper for any reason misses the game, then their chances of winning are rapidly reduced.


What resources can you learn about floorball, the rules and features of the game? There are only two of them, but the information that is on these resources can help in analyzing the teams and determining the stakes.

  1. Online resource This resource is an international federation of the game. Here you can find the latest news about this sport, tournament reviews, statistics of playing teams and individual players. In addition, the service can watch the broadcast of both the best and current tournaments online.
  2. Online resource - official site of the Russian Association.

Betting Features

In each match of group stages of tournaments between national teams there are a lot of very weak or still new teams, so here, among the beginners and still weak teams, the total is much higher than during play-off tournaments. Men's teams score a lot more goals than women's teams.

A draw in group stages is a rare occurrence, so the stakes at such stages are not topical. In most cases, the scoring extravaganza of each team falls on the final periods, whereas in the first periods very few goals are scored. Every time due to scoring chances, the game is considered one of the most entertaining.

In terms of entertainment floorball places even surpasses hockey. Betting on games in this sport is more convenient and safer than other sports. This is explained by the fact that each playing team has time for proper rest, and everyone is interested in winning a better - a lot of time for analyzing games.

Let the floorball limits be small, don't forget that most bookmakers accept bets on this sport. Therefore, if you wish, you can make bets not in one, but in several offices.

Basic rates

There are several types of bets on floorball matches:

  1. Betting on the outcome. Some time ago, in the floorball, even with professional matches of the final, there were no draws, but, if they sometimes happened, another period was appointed to help determine the winner.If during the extra period the winner was not announced, but then the players of the teams make several free throws. But it was before. Now the rules are a little different. Today at the world championships both goals and draw for the main time are counted. The standings in national scale tournaments are made exactly the same as in NHL tournaments.
  2. Double chance bet. This type is one of the highest priority, as it insures against the result of a draw.
  3. Handicap betting Bookmakers give such markets in the paintings, but in such cases only one handicap appears.
  4. Total bet Today there are practically no murals on total, so at best you can only get a couple of totals.
  5. Long term rates. Such bets are accepted by bookmakers only at major tournaments such as the World Championship or Euroleague tournaments.

Common betting strategies

Floorball is similar to all other sports, even if it is possible to predict the results of fights by the algorithm and using special strategies. As a result, the use of the strategy can be how to earn extra money.Just for such cases, for winning and winning, there are betting companies.

But before you start betting, you must predict actions and use a strategy. The very first recommendation on the game is to view as many games as possible of the team on which you will have to bet. A proper analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a particular team will lead to the expected result and, as a result, to profit. But do not bet, based only on the statistics of wins and losses.

In addition to the study team with its victories, defeats and strengths, you should also consider where the match is held, what is the composition of each team and many other nuances.

Professional betters who bet on floorball matches rely on both statistics and all available information that can be found on each individual. Based on information about the players, they build an opinion about the whole team.

In which offices you can bet

Betters from Russia began to block the “oxygen” with a working state register, in which almost all bookmakers, equivalent to gambling gambling establishments, are entered. Gambling establishments are prohibited.Therefore, today it is best to contact those companies that have the appropriate licenses. These are the companies that offer users to bet on various sports, including floorball.

One of the main companies is Winline BC, known for daily express trains. Professional experts offer several games every day to create high-value coupons.

Vinline office is practically no different from its competitors. That is, there are no bonuses here and there are no pets. However, here you can play at different rates.

Who accepts bets

There are not so many companies that accept bets, but the most popular today are the following:

  1. Betfair. This is one of the largest exchange rate companies. It was founded at the end of the last millennium. There is a license to operate in most countries of the world. It is a global leader in accessibility and diversity of rates.
  2. 2x2bet is another project. It provides participants with the opportunity to make various bets with each other, and this applies not only to the sport, but also to everything that a bet can be entered into. Of the advantages of the company can be noted stability, growth, constant and very rapid expansion.
  3. Betdaq. The company was founded at the beginning of this millennium.There is a officially valid license. Passed through a series of checks and tests. A wide range of world sporting events. Every week there are a lot of disputes and bets worth more than 30 million euros.
  4. RuBets. This service is the first Russian-speaking exchange on the Russian Internet, specializing in sports betting, politics and many other events. Work with this service begins with a small registration, after which its first test currency is issued to the new user. With the help of this currency, he can train and test his skills in forecasting and betting on sports, such floorball matches. Registration for the service is free, and another plus is a small commission equal to only two percent. With the help of RubBetts, it is easy to create a bet, and it is even easier to earn on these bets. There is a Russian-speaking technical service.

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