How to celebrate the New Year of the Earth Dog 2018

The upcoming 2018 will be held under the sign of the yellow Earth Dog. The dog does not like artificial stones and excessive chic, preferring natural shades. The ideal range of dresses for New Year's Eve 2018 - shades of yellow and brown. A variety of options - from the delicate color of daffodils to bright lemon and from light coffee to dark chocolate. But remember that you should avoid pretentiousness and excessive brilliance.

If you prefer shiny dresses, you can choose a satin or lace elegant dress in a floor with golden hues. Just do not overdo it, the shimmering colors themselves are an ornament, and therefore do not need additional accessories.

A brilliant metallic look is truly a royal choice. Dress with a lavish skirt of copper shade, a tunic with a pattern of bronze sequins or flowing gray-silvery overalls will complement your image on New Year's Eve.

Pastel shades that resemble an easy coastal wave will also be relevant on New Year's Eve.

Wine shades in clothes are becoming more and more popular not only as casual clothes, but also an elegant look to celebrate the outgoing year. By itself, the wine color looks gorgeous and bright, even without any accessories. No matter what material you choose for a dress - velvet, lace or chiffon, you will look superb in a wine dress.

Black dress is a classic that will always be relevant. You can diversify your outfit with the help of properly selected accessories and shoes.

Noble and elegant blue will make you a real star at the New Year party.

Light floral prints create a feeling of lightness and help you look feminine and romantic.

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