How to celebrate the year 2019 of the Yellow Earthen Pig

In Chinese culture, the pig was considered a symbol of happiness, prosperity and wealth. The Yellow Earth Pig completes the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese calendar, giving all of them generous gifts. That is why the new year, 2019, should be one of the most successful for those who want to improve their financial situation, start a family and find people close in spirit and interests.

The elements of the coming year are the earth. This means that the main successes are waiting in the very strengthening on the familiar place, the improvement of relations between relatives, the accumulation of income.

Yellow (gold) color, on the one hand, symbolizes wealth and wealth, on the other - a kind of danger and anxiety. Even minor difficulties and problems may seem too important and fatal, but relatives and friends will help to overcome them.

In order to attract luck and prosperity, you need to choose the right outfit and decorations for the New Year 2019. In this matter, both the color and the shape of clothes are important.

What colors in clothes to use

Women in dresses

Color symbolism plays a very important role in the Chinese horoscope.With its help, you can even send a message, try to attract positive emotions, luck and wealth.

The color of the dress should correspond to the control element - the earth. You can use both "autumn" colors (red, burgundy, all shades of green, yellow and brown), and "festive and solemn" (golden, bright red, pink).

Neutral and cool colors help to complement the image quite well. Add a gray, white, violet or blue element to your clothes! So the image will become easier and brighter. However, it is not necessary to pick up clothes of black color, since it symbolizes evil and misfortune.

To help create an image for the New Year, the following color chart will help:

ColourColor valueMain / additional in the imageCompatibility
Yellow The color of the earth. Since ancient times, it has been associated in China with life, wealth, fertility, success, centrality and eminence. Main Red, brown, blue.
Gold (metallic) The color of wealth, divinity, stability. Additional Red, brown, gold, burgundy.
Green The color of birth, of new life and renewal, of youth and hope. Main Golden, white, dark yellow.
Red The color of joy, good luck, success and celebration. Main Yellow, golden.
White The color is ambiguous and contradictory: on the one hand, it symbolizes purity and tranquility, on the other - cold and treachery. Optional to emphasize the main color. With any color.
The black Color, symbolizing both the collective concept of “evil” and darkness, as well as scholarship, passivity and obscurity. Additional With any color.
Blue Color of nobility, clear sky (tranquility) and tenderness. Additional, because more related to the elements of water and air. White, yellow, gold.
Gray Color of nobility and silence. Optional to soften flashy bright colors. With any color.
Brown The color of the earth and the bark of the tree, symbolizes stability and stability. Optional or primary. Green, white, gray, yellow.
Orange Symbol of joy, dedication and activity. Main Blue, green, yellow, white, gray, black.
Pink The color of innocence, tenderness, romance and kindness. Primary or optional. Gray, white, brown, blue, yellow, gold, red and orange.

Do not be afraid to experiment with combinations! Both bright and muted (pastel) colors of clothes look equally good.

What to wear to corporate

Corporate party

Stand out among colleagues in a bright and positive way! Combine bright colors to maintain a festive atmosphere.

Girls can wear dresses with wide, fluffy skirts, elongated train. Costumes will also look new: skirts with wide legs or blouses with flared sleeves. You should not worry about the fabric: both dense and airy fabrics look equally good (a bold and original solution would be a harmonious combination of different types of fabric).

Shoes can be absolutely any. This season, shoes, sneakers, sandals made of shiny leather, decorated with rhinestones or sequins will look advantageous. Make your fantasies about accessories and jewelry come true. Having added a bright image, precisely you will attract success in financial affairs!

TIP! A good option would be to hold a themed New Year corporate party. Chinese style is one of the most popular.

For men, I also advise you to choose something colorful and fun.For example, a bright jacket and trousers of the same color or similar tones - the image is not too formal, but solemn and festive. You can try to add a twist with an interesting tie or butterfly - so you will definitely attract attention to yourself! As another option - a shirt with a vest, or a sweater or a bright jacket. Shoes are also any, but harmoniously combined with the image.

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We select the bow to celebrate the New Year at home

The right image is the key to success. As they say: "You will meet the New Year, so you will spend it".

Home onions should be as solemn as they are comfortable. Do not overdo it with make-up, complexity of attire and ornaments. Choose something simple, but sweet, positive and festive. You can negotiate with guests and dress up in one color palette or style. Next, I will detail what you can wear for the New Year 2019.

Fashionable evening dresses for the New Year 2019

Colored feathers

The upcoming year promises to be fun, and therefore it is necessary to meet it worthy. Ladies can pick the best and bright outfit:

  • dresses with a full skirt;
  • draped long dresses or sundresses;
  • silk straight dresses;
  • bright overalls or suits;
  • Blouses or jackets with a wide sleeve.

What is the New Year to meet different signs of the zodiac

The table will help you choose the right outfit according to the sign of the zodiac. So you will definitely attract luck next year.

ElementZodiac signMain colorOutfit
Fire Aries Red, burgundy, red. Long draped or straight dress;
Bright suede or leather jackets and matching pants.
a lion
Earth Taurus Brown, green, orange, yellow. Dresses with wide sleeves or air skirt;
Colorful vest or sweater and trousers.
Air Twins Green, white. Long overalls, dresses from lightweight fabric;
Light, casual man's style, bright scarf.
Water Cancer Blue, gold, yellow. Straight silk or long straight dresses;
Jacket with a long ass, shirts of a delicate color.

New Year's wardrobe for men

Tie and shoes

Men can also create a beautiful and memorable image! You can choose a more solemn and classic version, as well as more homely and cute:

  • clothing with bright prints, plaid or striped;
  • a set of luxurious velvet;
  • retro look (hat, old-fashioned jacket, shirt and pants);
  • bright vintage sweaters;
  • colored solemn jackets and pants.

What you can not wear for the New Year Pigs

Lady in evening dress

Here are some tips on what not to wear on the New Year.

  • Clothes with floral prints and appliqués look weird in winter.
  • Suits with fur inserts look too old-fashioned.
  • Do not wear something too frank - such clothes will not emphasize the attractiveness, but will look vulgar.
  • Avoid clothes acid colors - this outfit looks cheap and does not decorate.
  • Dress for the season - summer dresses are losing their looks in the winter.
  • Pick up accessories in moderation - the similarity with the Christmas tree does not paint anyone.
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Helpful Tips

Celebrate the New Year should be so that the triumph remained only positive emotions. The following tips will help you not miss the festive mood and save the desired image.

  • Think over the style in advance to get the right outfit.
  • Match your hair with the rest of the way, so that everything looks harmonious.
  • Comfortable shoes are the key to fun.
  • Do not pile up the image with excessive decorations.
  • Do not do too bright makeup, which will merge with the dress.
  • Try to match the colors in the dress to refresh and diversify the image.

The new 2019 promises to be fun, positive and full of success. Mark it with the most expensive people, after all, for a reason in the Chinese culture the pig is one of the symbols of the family and the warmth of the heart.

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