How to choose a fluid for your hair?

On the shelves with cosmetic products for the hair, which only bottles and jars can not be found: shampoos, balms, masks, stylers, mousses, sprays, varnishes, but what's not! This list can be continued indefinitely, on the one hand it is good, and on the other, it is so difficult to find exactly what you really need from such a variety.

In the end, having tried a lot of money, you realize that free money is coming up, but you haven’t managed to achieve the proper effect ... What to do? Perhaps it is time to take advantage of a new and effective cosmetic for strengthening and health of the hair, fluid.

What it is? Fluids are especially popular in the struggle of women with split ends, which are very difficult to handle. Yes, of course, honestly on the heart, there are no such cosmetic miracle-tools that would heal the tips of the tips completely, and therefore the most reliable tool in this case is the scissors.

Fluids for hair are such unique compositions that can significantly improve the appearance of unhealthy hair, make it shiny, soft and silky, and the hated tips “glue” or “seal”. As a result, the curls are combed much easier, they become obedient when stacked, and the tips of the tips acquire a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

It should be noted that the effect is acquired not only from the outside: the best fluids for hair are able to restore them from the inside, thanks to a special structure in the form of a gel, filling the hairs from the inside, making them whole.

The composition of the fluids not only has a “gluing” effect, it is able to protect curls from the negative effects of the environment, as well as from ultraviolet radiation, which is so important in the hot summer season.

But still, we must not forget that the fluids are a cosmetic and not a therapeutic one, so it cannot relieve you of split ends forever, rather, it will please you with a temporary effect, and after a couple of weeks after using the fluid, you still need bad ends. will cut off. After that, they need to use further, so that such problems no longer encroach on your healthy and beautiful hair.

Which to choose?

Now that you know what it is and why it is needed, the next pressing question arises, how to choose a quality fluid for yourself and your hair? In the market you can find fluids of different companies and different types, which will differ in price and composition, spectrum of action, so which one should you choose?

For example, there are fluids specifically for dyed and highlighting hair, which necessarily include nourishing oil and vitamin E, which are necessary not only to carefully protect and moisturize the hair, but also to prevent washing off the paint: the color remains bright, saturated and juicy for a long time.

For especially weakened hair, there are also special fluids with proteins that fill the curls from the inside with life-giving energy, as a result of which the hair becomes silky and voluminous. In addition, there are special series for straightening curls: if you have too thick and naughty head of hair, which is extremely difficult to put in your hair, then you really like the soft and smoothing texture of this tool.

In addition, the fluids protect the hair from the negative effects of temperature during hairdrier or curling.And still, vibes are an excellent opportunity to feed and fill long hair along the entire length, in which weakened and split ends are almost the first problem.

How does this work?

As a rule, most fluids are made in the form of a gel, which does not make the hair heavy and heavy. The structure usually includes two main operating components:

  • Silicones that are aimed at instantaneous action. They also "seal" the hairs, with the result that the tangible effect comes after the first application. Thanks to him, the hair is easier to comb and become more obedient, although silicone tends to accumulate in the hair, over time, this may not be the best way to affect their appearance, so they need to be cleaned regularly with deep-acting shampoos.
  • The second important ingredient is oils. They nourish and restore your curls, give them shine and saturate with vitamins, however, they act slowly, recovery occurs only with time.

It is very simple to use these tools, one scheme, regardless of the manufacturer. Usually, the fluids are applied to dry and slightly wet hair - the bulk of it is at the tips, the residue is distributed along the length, it is not necessary to rub it into the roots.The tool must be left and wait until it is completely dry, rinse or rinse curls do not need.

If you need to dry it urgently, you can safely use a hair dryer, by the way, some put it on dry curls, in fact, it does not matter much. That's all! This simple manipulation will allow your hair to maintain beauty and health, and you - your nerves when combing and styling.

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