How to choose a good shaving foam for your husband?

Shaving foam is available in the arsenal of any man. And if you decided to present this personal hygiene product to your spouse, then you are very responsible for the choice, since your man's comfort depends on him. But how to choose the foam and not make a mistake?

Which is better: gel, cream or foam?

What to choose: foam, cream or gel? The cream provides a good slide of the razor and additional moisturizing, but some consider this form not the most convenient in the application. And often creams do not foam very well, which is a drawback. Yes, and economical such a tool is difficult to call.

The gel foams well, is very economical and allows you to clean the skin from impurities. But there are a lot of gels, these funds are the most expensive. Foam is the golden mean. It is economical, very convenient to use (it does not need to be further foamed, the consistency allows you to immediately begin the shaving procedure), soothes irritated skin and is not very expensive.And that's why many choose this option.

How to make a choice?

Which shaving foam should I choose? There are several important selection criteria. Let us dwell in more detail on each of them.

What is inside?

Be sure to evaluate the composition of the tool. It may include the following components:

  • The role of the base is often played by the mineral mass. Such a name seems harmless, but in reality such a mass is a refined product. This component after application forms an inconspicuous, but extremely harmful film on the skin. First, it interferes with the normal breathing of the skin. Secondly, under such a film microbes can accumulate, which will lead to the appearance of acne or irritation. Thirdly, the film can interfere with the germination of new hairs, and this is fraught with ingrowth and inflammation.
  • It is much better if hydrated natural oils are used as a base, for example, corn, olive, almond, castor or others. They additionally moisturize and nourish the skin, prevent the development of inflammation and provide an ideal gliding blade.
  • Also in the composition can be detected water. It must be cleaned and specially prepared.
  • Most agents for shaving contain alcohol, which cleanses the skin of fat and partially disinfects it. The most harmless alcohol component is methyl paraphene.
  • Quality products contain anti-inflammatory agents. The most useful, safe and effective plant components, such as extracts of chamomile, calendula, aloe or green tea.
  • Flavoring agents give a pleasant smell. They can be both natural and synthetic. The first option is undoubtedly better.

Components are usually listed in descending order of mass fraction. The optimal composition will be: water, oil base, anti-inflammatory components (plant extracts), flavors, methylparaphene.


If you want to buy a convenient and easy-to-use gift for your husband, then pay attention to the packaging, since the ease of use depends on it. The most important points:

  • Spray can. Balloons are usually made of stainless metals. So there should be no rust on the edges. In addition, you should not buy foam in a deformed balloon.
  • The size.The size of the container should be such that it fits easily into the hand of a man and does not slip. Otherwise use will be extremely inconvenient.
  • The cap can be both transparent and opaque. There is no big difference. The important thing is that it closes well and fits snugly to the edges of the container, but at the same time opens without much effort.
  • Dispenser. It should be comfortable. But you can only evaluate it in the process of using it. A good dispenser does not require a very strong pressing and great effort and at the same time allows you to extract the required amount of foam (no more and no less).

Skin type

Be sure to consider when buying a type of male skin, as there are products for dry, oily, combination and for sensitive skin. The first contain moisturizing ingredients.

The foam for oily skin often contains alcohol, as it removes excess sebum and dries the skin a little. And in the composition of the foam for sensitive skin, you will surely find components that prevent the development of inflammation and soothing irritated skin.

Smell and consistency

To determine the smell and texture is possible only in the process of using the tool.But if the store has a probe, then use it. The foam should be quite dense and stable, not too sticky. The smell should be pleasant, but not too harsh and intrusive (otherwise it will interrupt the fragrance of the perfume).


It is better to give preference to proven and reputable brands, but some new brands also deserve attention, although they are not popular and well-known. Before you make the final choice, you can examine the reviews of a particular manufacturer.


Prices range from 40-50 to 500 rubles per bottle. Quality foam can not cost cheap, it's a fact. But too expensive means to buy, too, is not worth it. It is better to choose a foam with an optimal ratio of price and quality.

Overview of some tools

The most popular tools and reviews about them:

  • "Gillette" - time-tested and well-proven foam, produced in different versions. The smell is pleasant, the shaving is comfortable, the dispenser is quite comfortable, the slide is quite good. Irritation does not occur. The cost is about 150 rubles.
  • "Nivaya" is another popular brand.The razor slip and shaving quality are normal, the smell is very pleasant and unobtrusive. But many consider the dispenser uncomfortable. Allergic reactions and irritations in most cases do not occur. The price fluctuates between 180-200 rubles.
  • “L’Oreal Men Expert.” Many noted that the razor slips poorly, although the quality of shaving in the end can be called good. The dispenser is one of the most comfortable, the smell on the skin is almost imperceptible, which is important for many. The cost is about 260 rubles.
  • “Arco” is also a very popular brand. The foam has a gentle consistency. But here the smell seems sharp to many, although it is not unpleasant. The dispenser is not the most convenient, squeezing requires effort. Some have noted the occurrence of irritations. It is worth one bottle of about 70 rubles.


Some tips:

  1. Buy foam in trusted stores.
  2. Pay attention to expiration dates.
  3. If you cannot make a choice, get the foam that your spouse uses most often.

Approach to choosing a shaving foam is responsible for your man to be satisfied with the gift.

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