How to choose a jacket?

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How to choose a jacket?

In the wardrobe of many men there are classic pants, shirts and jeans. But for some events or events, a specific dress code is needed: a costume. So, not enough jacket. Now we will consider the important points of how to choose your suit: how to choose a jacket, how to choose pants and a shirt.

How to choose the right jacket

Let's start with the most important selection criterion - material. The fabric of the jacket should match the fabric of the pants. Therefore now we will look and how to pick up trousers to a jacket.

  • Casual dress pants are usually sewn from cotton tweed. To them pick up a jacket from the same material.
  • A cashmere jacket or a jacket made of soft wool, corduroy will look great with corduroy pants.
  • The corduroy jacket will also be combined with flannel pants. You can still wear a tweed jacket with flannel trousers.
  • A tweed jacket is also suitable for wool trousers in the fall or winter.

To understand how to choose a jacket size, put it on and stretch your arms forward.And now look at your back, there should not be folds - neither vertical nor horizontal. At the shoulders of the jacket should sit like a glove, and the collar - gently fit the neck. Take a walk in a jacket. If the jacket is chosen correctly, the person feels neither stiff, nor too loose. Jacket slots should not diverge when you are standing straight.

Remember that the light tones of the jacket will be full, and the dark - on the contrary, slim. Match the color of the jacket to suit your physique.

Well, when the jacket has more than one inside pocket. Documents are usually carried in the right inside pocket, and the purse is put in the left upper pocket.

How to choose a jacket to jeans

With jeans the jacket with a single button fits perfectly. But such jackets look mostly on thin men. Hipsters prefer to wear a jacket and vest with jeans wiped to the holes. It is considered bad form to wear a leather jacket with jeans.

How to choose a shirt to jacket

In order for a man to be comfortable wearing a shirt under his jacket, it is necessary to choose slightly fitted shirts with a narrowed armhole. Put on your jacket and shirt together. Sleeve sleeves can peek at 1.5 cm.from under the sleeves of a jacket. That's right, when the sleeve of the jacket ends in the middle of the bone of the wrist. Should not stick up the ends of the collar of the shirt from under the lapel of his jacket. The collars should fit together. A shirt pocket (if available) must be empty under the jacket!

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