How to choose a manual tile cutter

You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - ceramic tile.
Before choosing a manual modeltile cutterand, estimate the volume of the expected work. If it is small, do not seek to purchase an expensive tool, but take a closer look at democratic options. In addition, first buy a tile, as the selection of a tool for cutting this building material will depend on its technical characteristics (primarily on size and thickness).
Note the movement of the tool holder.tile cutterand along the guides. If precision cutting is needed, do not take a tool that uses plastic rings. Better get a device with a tool holder moving on the bearings. Such a mechanism will provide a smooth ride and a straight, precise cut. And this, in turn, will reduce the number of defects, because the tile will break strictly along the drawn line.
Keep in mind that the bed must be strong and rigid so that there is no shock absorption when splitting tiles. If the frame is made of thin steel, it will bend during work and spring when pressed. As a result, the tool will not be able to split the tile the first time. And besides, with increased load, such a foundation will quickly become unusable. The handle must also be strong enough, because when working with porcelain stoneware you need a powerful lever for pressing.
Choose a tool long enough so that you can cut not only wall, but also floor tile. If you need round holes, look at models with compasses ("ballerina"). Additional options will not interfere, for example, settings for tile thickness, which limit the progress of the cutting legs, gauge, etc.

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