How to choose a stretch ceiling: 10 tips

In the modern market of finishing materials a wide range of high-quality, ergonomic and durable ceiling coverings is presented. Among the most functional and affordable structures are stretch ceilings - products are characterized by high performance characteristics, resistance to mechanical damage and moisture. Thanks to a large variety of textures, materials and shades, you can choose canvases that blend harmoniously with any interior. Stretch ceilings can not only transform the room, make it more elegant and attractive, but also hide the flaws of the main surface. The design masks irregularities and communications.

Location for installation

Choosing stretch ceilings in Moscow

When choosing a suitable ceiling leaf, you should consider the main characteristics of the room - its size, design features and functionality.In order for the design to look organic and last for many years, it is necessary to pay attention to the technical characteristics of the material of manufacture, the optimal conditions for its operation and the rules of care. To orient in a variety of designs will follow the following tips:

  • 1. Being engaged in the selection of a stretch ceiling, first of all it is desirable to pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the product. The coating must be made of high quality raw materials that do not emit toxic substances and are not capable of harming health. You can make sure that the canvas is safe by reading the product passport.
  • 2. Another important feature, which is worth paying attention to during the selection, is the strength of the canvas. Rather reliable designs protect the apartment from flooding, holding a large amount of water.
  • 3. The performance properties of the stretch ceiling should meet the purpose of using the room. For example, PVC canvases, characterized by high moisture resistance, are excellent for installation in the kitchen or bathroom. Fabric designs will look favorably in the bedroom or living room.
  • 4.The design and color of the stretch ceiling should correspond to the interior, make it complete and complete.
  • 5. When choosing a coating, the roll width plays an important role - seamless canvases will suit small-sized rooms.
  • 6. Do not forget that when you make a ceiling, you can show imagination by combining several colors and textures and creating unique designs.
  • 7. With the help of multi-level and combined stretch ceilings, you can intelligently organize the space of a room, dividing it into zones.
  • 8. It is beneficial to emphasize the features of the canvas will help correctly selected lighting. They must be placed at a certain distance from the surface to avoid damage to the coating.
  • 9. Prefer desirable products of well-known brands that have a certificate of quality and warranty.
  • 10. Installation of the ceiling structure should be entrusted to experienced professionals.

By following the above tips and observing the rules of operation and maintenance, the suspended ceiling can last more than 10 years.

Color and material

Assortment of stretch ceilings in Moscow

Getting to the design of the ceiling surface, it is necessary to determine the desired colors of the canvas. Among the most common options - white ceilings. Classic color is combined with any interior, does not attract attention and contrasts favorably with the furniture. Combining shades and using canvas with photo printing, you can create a unique design. Color canvas should be in harmony with the walls and the floor. The original designs "Starry Sky" are also in demand today, creating the illusion of being in space.

The performance properties and durability of ceiling structures largely depend on the technical characteristics of the material of manufacture. Stretch ceilings made of PVC film - glossy, matte and satin are in demand. Their advantages include aesthetic appeal, resistance to moisture, ease of care and the ability to withstand significant loads. Glossy and satin cloths have a reflective effect, with their help you can visually increase the space. Fabric models look elegant, do not have seams and are not afraid of low temperatures.Read more about the range of textures here.

Contractor selection and installation

In order for the stretch ceiling to serve for a long time, without requiring replacement or repair, it is not enough to choose a quality canvas. The durability and reliability of the design is ensured by proper installation. Since the installation of the canvas is a time-consuming process, it is desirable to entrust it to experienced professionals, which include employees of Comilfo. Before proceeding with the installation, professionals carefully examine the surface and eliminate its defects, which may cause deformation of the new web. During installation, quality tools should be used: a perforator, a special heating device, a screwdriver, aluminum or plastic profiles. Choosing a contractor, you should give preference to companies that are market leaders and guarantee the efficiency and high quality of work.

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