How to choose fashionable hair accessories

Choosing hair accessories, pay attention to their quality. A product made of cheap plastic is unlikely to decorate you. The exception may be ethnic hair ornaments, which will bring their inherent color to your look. The older the woman, the more expensive hair accessories should be. Cheap plastic jewelry is more suitable for young girls. Older women should prefer expensive accessories made from natural materials or with precious stones. It is desirable that these were models of famous designers or original products of the author's work.
When choosing hair accessories you need to take into account your color type. The owners of warm shade of hair - chestnut, red, copper - will suit accessories of warm and golden tones, and ashy blondes, light brown and burning brunettes with white skin - silvery and cold shades.Pick up hair accessories to match your outfit. They should be in harmony with your image, clothes, other decorations, gloves, handbag, shoes. Choosing the right hair accessories, you need to remember about the sense of proportion. The abundance of volumetric jewelry, sparkles, pins can make your image somewhat vulgar.
The most easy to choose hairpin for hair, because This universal accessory fits all. With it, you can create a variety of hairstyles - from everyday to evening. The hairpin of the correct geometric shape, without unnecessary adornment, will suit lovers of an active lifestyle, and in the form of one or several flowers - for romantic young ladies. For nightclubs and glamorous parties, you can pick up hairpins, made with emphasized luxury. Such accessories can be decorated with precious stones or expensive fabric. In the summer, hairpins made from natural materials, decorated with beads, beads, unusual weaving, ornaments with ethnic motifs are especially relevant.
Hair ties are very convenient to use for outdoor activities and in sports.With the help of this simple accessory, you can make a horsetail, which looks very sexy. Gum are different in size, texture and color. Also on sale are their decorative options - for example, with a glued flower from plastic beads. However, the use of such gum at any cocktail party is not very appropriate. In this case, it is better to hide a simple elastic band with other hair accessories.
Headbands and hair hoops are the trend of the 2012 season. The hoop model is a bit more difficult to choose than hairpins, because It is not for everyone. Most of all hoops go to girls with an oval face that can safely wear any model. Girls who have a square face, it is better to choose a large model that will distract attention from the heavy chin. Owners of a high forehead can hide it with a hairstyle with a gang or hoop. Thin headbands on the forehead can be worn and girls with short hair growth. Bando goes well with a horse tail or with a high hairstyle. And on the occasion of the celebration it can be supplemented with a hair pendant, which will give you elegance.

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