How to choose good games on android?

Good games for android, as a rule, are already available by default in new models that carry out the work under the control of this OS. Since the developers of modern smartphones almost everyone knows about the preferences of users of android devices that have been proposed before. Manufacturers of mobile devices, in their new products, installing good games, increase the maximum level of positive emotions experienced by users, picking up a new device.

Information about the games that are the best for Android, manufacturers get from different sources. Analyzed, first of all, data on the number of downloads of the most popular games. As a rule, these data are freely available and the manufacturer, under whose brand the game was created, is pleased to publish data on the number of downloads on their resources.

There are also a variety of surveys of users with android devices, during which, indirectly or directly, the attitude of the players to the level of interest and the quality of the game.Manufacturers of smartphones in accordance with the data received and ultimately decide which games are best for Android, and then these games are included in the standard set for their devices.

Of course, if you want to find interesting and good games for Android, first you better explore free products. Of course, for this OS you can find quite interesting free games, but for android the best games are still paid applications that are developed by well-known companies. So, for example, it is possible for game lovers to advise Batman on an android - a game that, according to many users, received a really high rating.

Mobile device manufacturers very often buy paid products to provide them then free of charge to users of their devices.

The only observation is that for the best games for Android OS you must have a decent device, which will be able to play the most interesting and best games. For demanding games, it is recommended to choose devices that have a powerful filling, where suspensions and brakes will be excluded.To be convenient to play, the device must have a large colorful display on which you can fully appreciate the graphics. Now many new products come with powerful quad-core processors, which fully allows you to enjoy the newest and most interesting games.

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