How to choose the most functional equipment for landscape works

In the 21st century, equipment functionality is more important than ever. By purchasing just such a technique, you can achieve maximum efficiency of the work being done. Proper prioritization means successful operations and mowing grass, like other landscape works, is by no means an exception. That is why attachments for tractors were created, which attracts many with its wide capabilities.

It is not always rational to acquire separate cars for all types of operations related to landscape design. This requires a large budget, and may not be justified at all if the volume of work is not so large. In addition, sometimes a long simple technology is a serious problem, especially if it is not monitored. All this changes such a device as a mounted mower for a tractor.


Attachment is not just an accessory that complements the capabilities of the tractor. It provides many benefits:

  • convenient mowing thanks to a wide selection of mobile devices that reach the most inaccessible places
  • reliable, but simple fixing in front, back or side (much more convenient)
  • saving because you don’t have to fork out for a car, because a tractor is used;
  • the ability to use the tractor all year round (in the winter, the units for snow removal are used).

As practice shows, using existing equipment, equipping it with new devices is an excellent solution in terms of mowing. Financially, this is the most rational course of action when there is a suitable tractor. After all, a full-fledged mower will cost a rather large amount compared to mounted units, which will increase the range of capabilities of your tractor. These include the following:

1) cutting baskets of various modifications;

2) shells for wheel mowers;

3) various tractor mounted mowers, including segment mowers for mini tractors;

4) shells for mowing reeds on mowing boats.

About mounted mowers is to say that they offer maximum convenience, because they can be reeds, grass and other vegetation, even in remote places. You will not need additional tools if you immediately choose the best constructive solution for your farm. The manufacturer BERKY (Germany) offers a wide range for both small private properties and large farms.

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