How to conduct newborn hygiene

Before the birth of a child, future parents should prepare a room for him if there is such an opportunity. Or it is necessary to separate the corner where all the personal belongings of the baby will be located. It is advisable to choose a place to illuminate, and to avoid drafts. Conveniently accommodate a cot, care table and locker. Pre-make a gineral cleaning throughout the apartment.

With the appearance of a baby cot in the house, it is necessary to wash it well with warm water and soap and to wipe it for further cleanliness once a week. The mattress needs to be laid hard so that the little body does not bend (at this time the skeleton of the child is not strong). The pillow is not needed at first, instead you can lay a clean diaper bed. Many parents hang a canopy for beauty, it is not so important to do it, without it the air will be cleaner, more light and sunlight will fall, and this is necessary for the baby. It is not recommended to lay the baby next to him in order to avoid the ingress of microbes on the delicate skin.

When clothing is contaminated, wash the laundry immediately, separately from the adult. In the wash is best to use soap. Drying is much better and safer in the open air and then ironed well.

Parents are happy with the appearance of the child and try not only to caress and kiss him, this is not worth it, at first you can get by with beautiful words.

Great care during this period require pacifiers and feeding bottles. To prevent the baby from infections, these things should be boiled. If your child is crying, it does not mean that he asks for a pacifier. Most likely, he didn’t get drunk or he had a tummy ache and gases got into him.

If you start cleaning the children's room, you should know that it should only be wet, so that dust does not fly all over the room. Air as often as possible the bed of the baby.

It is recommended to bathe the baby every day, but only after the navel has healed. Until this time, the child must wipe. The first month of bathing without soap and shampoos. In the future, you can find a suitable line of bathroom accessories for it. Nasal and ear passages must be cleaned with cotton buds dipped in oil or petroleum jelly so as not to cause pain to the baby.

Every parent should know that listening to other people's advice is not worth it, all children are different and each of them requires special care.

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