How to cook orange jam: fragrant and healthy. Canning

To feast on fragrant jam, it is not necessary to wait for the onset of summer and the ripening of berries and fruits. You can cook a tasty and healthy delicacy even in winter, when citrus fruits are sold in the markets and shops. Orange jam can be prepared with the addition of other fruits or berries. With any variation it will be very beautiful, fragrant and useful.

orange jam
Orange jam
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500 millilitersSugar1 kgOrange1 kg
  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:2 minutes

The benefits and taste of orange jam

Oranges are the most common fruits in winter. Many prefer to buy them because of the high content of vitamin C, in order to replenish the meager supply of nutrients in the body. After eating oranges, crusts are usually thrown away. And in vain, because they also contain a lot of nutrients.It was among them that the inventive housewives learned how to cook orange jam, which can be stored in a jar longer than a fresh orange and delight the whole family with a bright look and flavor.

The benefit of orange shorter knew even the ancients. They contain substances that help:

- get rid of edema;

- clean the vessels;

- normalize cholesterol levels;

- get rid of bacteria;

- reduce pain.

Orange peel contains beta-carotene, phosphorus, vitamins B, A, PP, C, which are necessary for human health. Therefore, having prepared jam from orange peels, you will not only give pleasure to family members, but also support their body with valuable trace elements.

How to make a healthy delicacy?

There are many ways to make this delicacy, but whatever method you choose, you first need to prepare raw materials - orange peel. It is unlikely that your family eats oranges in kilograms, but in 1–2 weeks it is quite possible to save the necessary amount of crusts. The most convenient way to prepare for jam jam is orange curls. Just fold the crusts into a spiral and string them.2-3 days before boiling, whorls are soaked in water so that they give off bitterness.

Classic Orange Jam

It will take:

- 1 kg of oranges;

- 1.5 kg of sugar;

- 500 ml of water.

This jam is made from the fruits themselves, along with the crusts. Cut the oranges into rings, remove the seeds. Prepare a syrup of sugar and water, bring it to a boil and immerse the oranges in it. Do not forget to boil off the jam after boiling the jam. Reduce heat and continue cooking the oranges for 2 hours. Pour the finished delicacy over the cans.

Orange Peel Jam

It will take:

- 1 kg of sugar;

- 1 kg of crusts;

- lemon acid.

Pour water over the crusts and bring them to a boil, then drain the water and repeat the same 3 times. Mince boiled orange peels through a meat grinder, combine with sugar and cook for another 40–50 minutes. At the end of cooking, add citric acid and roll into jars. This recipe is very like the hostess. It turns rich orange, fragrant and thick.

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