Being Married Vs. Dating

How to Date As a Couple

Dates can keep your relationship feeling fresh, fun, and strong, whether you've been dating for four months or four years. You don't have to go to Paris to have an amazing time, either. All you have to do is be a bit creative, be committed to going on dates no matter how busy you both are, and to continue to make your significant other feel special.


  1. Go for a walk.Sometimes its just nice to go for a walk with your sweetie - you can just talk, hold hands, express other kinds of affection, talk to each other, and just spend a quiet afternoon or evening with each other. Plus, you'll never know what you'll find just walking around your own town/city.
  2. Go to plays, concerts, musicals, etc.Whether you're in school, college, or even an adult - there's always some production going on every few months or so. Go to your school's play or musical - you can rest your head on his shoulder or even hold hands during it.
  3. Go to dances and games.Your school should have a couple of games or so every season or whenever. Go to your school's dances too - it'll build memories - not only with your boyfriend - but with your friends too. It could actually be very romantic if you slow dance with each other. Even if you're an adult, go to sports games with your honey and go to nightclubs if you like to dance.
  4. Go to a mall.You can buy things, window shop, browse, eat at the food court, go to the arcades, play games, hang-out, sit on the benches and just people-watch, sometimes eat at a fifty's restaurant, almost anything. Remember shopping (even just browsing or window shopping) can be a great way to get to know the other person's interests, style, and identity.
  5. Have an "At home date." Stay in for a change - you can do almost anything when staying at home (or at each other's houses if you're still dating) - rent/buy movies, talk, eat munchies/snacks/junk food or even a meal together (have dinner together for instance). You can light a few candles and turn the lights down low or even off for a romantic touch, cuddle/snuggle, talk about your dreams, hopes, fears, etc., play a board game, play cards, you can just relax and hang-out & do anything together.
  6. Go to a park and stargaze together.You could even bring along a picnic and eat together while watching stars. Talk with each other - about anything you want to. Surprise your partner and have a gift for them. You can kiss and cuddle with each other too. This could also be romantic. Bring a blanket (or two) with you also. This can also be that special place where you tell her you love her. It's a very romantic place.

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  • It's a date - so the object is to have fun and to bond (etc.) with each other.
  • Write down and keep track of your dates so that # 1, you can have memories of you two and # 2, you can keep track of which places and things you've already gone and done, so that way you can be aware of places you have yet to go to and things you have yet to do.
  • There's always something to do and somewhere to go - so follow these suggestions, think up some of your own (either alone or together), or ask your partner what they would suggest, where they want to go, and what they want to do. Look in newspapers, magazines, and even in TV commercials, or go on the Internet to search for new places or things to do.
  • Don't always do what the other person wants all the time, go to a place where you both want to go to, and alternate sometimes. Like this week, go someplace and do something you want to do with your honey, the next week, go someplace and do something your partner wants to do with you, and then the next after that go and do something you both want to do.

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