How to draw a poppy

Red Macs glow brightly in the green of meadow grasses due to the contrast of additionalcolors. Petals of this flower are easy to paint. A simple technique helps to show evenfluff on the stems and buds.

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1. Perform a preparatory drawing. Decorate the background using the technique of the racesshading: at the bottom - in light green, at the top - ultramarine. For, add a sense of greater perspective below in some placesblue.

2. Stalks, seed box and bud gently shadeyellowwith a pencil. Make the stems in blue: first withwith dark strokes, then with soft hatching. Shadows make a pencilwith a walnut brown color. The sequence of work -from left to right.

3.Bud and seed box do the same, but for the budadd more yellow, and for the seed box -blue. Perform the tip of the bud with the first hatchingin red pencil. Seed the box, color the ocher, and on thethe top with the walnut brown.

4. Shade the flower with a purple-red pencil, without touching the lightplanes. Next, shade with a large pressure on thewith a flashy and short strokes - magenta. On top of these hatches onbring yellow color (this way you will achieve a uniform color with bright colors on topBud finish in red and blue.With a purple-red pencil, work through the warehouseki in the petals with thin uneven lines, and dark places -blue. Finally, carefully apply a typicalblack color at the bottom of the flower. Dots represent a fuzz on the contour of the bud and stems.

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