How to find a job in 14 days

Be active: call all your friends, even the most distant ones. Surely someone will be able to recommend you, to tell you about the vacancy in this or that company. Not less actively visit sites on job search, look through vacancies, send resumes. Visit the sites of various companies (there are lists of companies on the same job search sites), since vacancies are also published on corporate sites.
Abstracts should be sent with a cover letter. It is necessary to briefly describe your key skills, abilities and achievements, say a few words about your education and describe why you would like to work in the company to which you send your resume. The cover letter is your business card, it can immediately interest the HR manager.
To findthe job�in 14 days, it is important to be persistent. And the phone in this case will help no less than the Internet. Sending a resume, call the company after a while, make sure that the company received it.If you are not invited to an interview, call and ask if your resume has been reviewed. Do not be ashamed of employers, many like business persistence. In addition, it is important for many specialties.

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